Your Universal Ignore List

Let’s just say the technology comes into being to allow you to list things you want to ignore and that by way of that list you never have to hear or see those things again.

Who and what gets on your list?

Mine starts with:

Lindsay Lohan
Sarah Palin
Geraldo Rivera
Jerry Springer
Donald Trump
Harold Camping
Justin Bieber
Fox News
American Idol

Fred Phelps and his family
Jenny McCarthy
Glen Beck
Gwenneth Paltrow
Mariah Carey
Celine Dion

As long as your ignore list has the magic ability to prevent those things from affecting the real world then I say “Ignore away”.

We’re all going to be in deep **** when enough people have filters which prevent them from being exposed to ideas they don’t already like.

e.g. I think Palin is a real goof. But if she was about to be nominated for President (or elected), I’d damn well want to know about it.

Sticking your head in the sand about things you don’t like is probably harmless if they’re entertainers (e.g. Justin Beiber). Not so harmless if they’re politicians (Palin) or opinion shapers (Fox news).

You can’t defend against what you don’t even know exists.

I have a pretty good mental firewall that functions most of the time like a personal ignore list.

In general I filter out most of the noise on things like the Royal Wedding, celebrities behaving badly, repetitive news stories (I know that makes all of the earlier items redundant) and social drama at work.

This makes me appear calm and level headed. Unfortunately it sometimes fails and either I ignore something I shouldn’t or become incensed about something minor.

All fundie, homophobic Christians

Rosie O’Donnel
Joe Lieberman
Rush Limbaugh
Bill O’Reilly
Nancy Pelosi
Bill Clinton
Sarah Palin

I’m an equal-opportunity ignorer. :wink:

That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to hear what they said if they were in a position of power, but otherwise I don’t need to hear their opinion on things they have no control over.

I would ignore celebrity-based stories coming from what are supposed to be news sources. Celebrity goings-on are not news (unless, of course, the celebrity does something newsWORTHY, rather than just tours around the country having an unmedicated manic episode on stage, for example).

Westboro Baptist Church. I know what they’ll do and say in any given situation, so why bother.

Other than that - I don’t know. There are people I’d LIKE to ignore, but it’s important to know what “the enemy” or one’s opposition are doing and thinking. For example, I had a knee-jerk reaction to say Jenny McCarthy, but I do kinda want to keep tabs on what she says so I’ll know what the fruitloops are up to.

Recent additions?
Charlie Sheen
Michele Bachmann
The royal wedding
American Idol
Any Survivor show
Lady Gaga (she pretty much replaced Madonna on the list)
Schwarzenegger has recently made the list

I scan the headlines, see if it’s something new that I actually need to know, and move on.

I was raised in a Evangelical Christian family.

I make every attempt to ignore anything Christian.

Impossible, but I try.

Whoever that moron from The Ed Show is.
Chris Matthews.
Whatsherface Huffington

I probably feel the same level of revulsion for this group as you do, but I certainly wouldn’t want them on my ignore list. They have the wherewithal, and possibly the motivation, to destroy me and mine. Sorry. I need to read every snippet of info that comes across the wire about those freaks.

My ignore list would include the mostly harmless, like TV and movie stars. They have no impact whatsoever on my life. That said, I don’t know who the stars are these days anyway, so adding them to an ignore list wouldn’t change anything for me.

I like this, but I get the feeling that news shows would be at least 25% “white noise” with that kind of filter applied.

All the better. We could all use some quiet down time. I imagine millions of people sitting in the hiss of white noise, just being. And perhaps thinking.

Mine? :confused:

I change channels when any of the mangled puppy/kitten commercials comes on. I KNOW about the damned problem, I don’t need a fucking 5 minute commercial pounding on me 20 times a day. All it does is make me change the channel and want to rip your little face off.

Yes, Curtis. Mine. My family, my friends, my associates, colleagues, business partners, and clients.

Basically, if People magazine would love to do a story on someone, I’m not interested in what they have to say. I really, really have enough drama in my life, I don’t need to hear some celebrity’s opinion on how psychiatry is a fraud.

If I’m in a waiting room with no book, and my choices are People and Sports Illustrated, I like to see if I can set magazines on fire just by glaring at them. And this is why I carry a book with me at all times.

Anything related to Rugby League. Especially dramas, drunken nights on the town and groin injuries.

Reality TV of any type. I don’t watch it but it’s impossible to avoid, regardless.

Kate Park.

All things Kardashian, and also Kate Goselin.