Your very own button

I notice that the left most button up there is “User Carnivorous Plant”.

Does everyone have their own button?

Well, you almost got me.

What button?

I don’t get a button?
I have no button.

Since my IRL name is Cecelia Porgendorfer, I, too, have my very own button.

You know, I have clicked on the “home” button without realizing that 99% of time, I am ALREADY home.

Sorry, Shark.
Perhaps its just important posters.

Yeah, and I’m Cecil Puckdfuder.
Not that there’s anything wrong with the name Cecil, mind you.

That would explain why I dont have one.

My button is on the right: Ferdinand Albert Queffwendorff.

I’m so sorry.

I think my button was trodden on, and is stuck to someone’s shoe.

I have many buttons! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what happened, someone took my button!

My button goes to 11.

Who’d like to push my buttons?

Me, me!!! Pick me! I want to push your button.

:wink: :smiley:

Can I push some buttons?


Leave my button alone. Get your own.