Your wellspring of information?

This from an email from a cousin: "how you get most of your information about the candidates running for president. Please choose one:


So . . . where do y’all get most of your smack on dubya and al? I’m not planning to email my cousin back with the results of this . . . just seemed like an interesting li’l poll.

I would say it has to be television news.

If any of you say “advertisements”, I’m coming to your house and burning to voter registration card.

I’d have to say … advertisements.

Couldn’t resist

ReservoirDog, most of my information on Bush and Gore is that neither one is someone I would vote for. Their ads were very helpful in providing me with this information.

In answer to the OP, I get most of my political/election news from “alternative news magazines”, like The Nation.

I get my info from CBC News, figure out whom you people have a choice between, then surreptitiously move my chair a few more inches northwards.

I prefer newspapers for my news since they tend to have a 3 page article on an issue whereas the news covers it for 45 seconds and the internet has an article that, if printed, is perhaps a page long. However my newspaper of choice, the Chicago Tribune, has such a Republican slant that it’s nearly painful to read. The other day, the election news has two main articles. One about Gore lying about the medication his mother-in-law was taking (which sounded way out of proportion anyway) and another saying “Gore gets support of Teamsters. Better late than never.”

I’m not even decided yet on who I’ll vote for so it’s not that I’m upset that the paper is so slanted, it’s just that I want even and fair coverage no matter who I’m voting for. And the other paper in Chicago (the Sun Times) is such a rag that I wouldn’t use it to paper train my dog for fear that he might read it and lose IQ points.

So! You didn’t care about all that, did you? You just want a one word answer. So let me say newspapers with additional content from TV and the net taken into consideration.

Oh, that and the Onion.

*other - N.P.R.

My paid informants.

I base all my voting decisons on bumper stickers.

Internet only. Haven’t bought the dead tree news in years, and don’t own a TV.
Slight hijack - how’s this for new names for the candidates:

Wooden Head and Puddin’ Head