You're enjoying food wrong.

What foods do you enjoy “wrong”? (Inspiration for this thread here. Filet minion well done.


I like my red wine chilled.

Ketchup on my hashbrowns.

Latke mix (with egg) uncooked.

Frozen peas still frozen. Also frozen raspberries (with sugar and balsamic vinegar).

If you’re drinking shitty red wine, chilled is fine.

What’s wrong with ketchup on hashbrowns? Have I been hashbrowning wrong ignorantly all these years?

Ketchup on hot dogs. That’s the way I liked them as kid, and I still like them that way now.

Hashbrowns are flattened out Tater Tots. they NEED ketchup, all of them, to choke them down. … Ketchup on hot dogs: only something like Oscar Meyer Weiners, on hot dog rolls with 'Murican cheese. There is something so endearingly white-trash about this! … REAL hot dogs in casings, of course not! They are a whole separate animal.

Anyone else remember that long train wreck of a thread for the poor person who ordered milk with the meal in a steakhouse?

I like to eat a bite size piece of extra sharp cheddar with a dollop of jelly - any jelly - pepper, raspberry, strawberry…it doesn’t matter. I like the taste of the sharp and sweet.

Ketchup with hash browns is a requirement, not an aberration.

Both observations are correct and wolfpup-approved! :wink:

I rarely eat hash browns but when I do it’s with scrambled eggs, and ketchup is almost a requirement for the latter. No shame there.

Seriously, good red wine has such nuanced flavors that chilling it is the equivalent of getting a bad cold, stuffing a super-hot pepper into your mouth, injecting your tongue with novacaine, and then trying to enjoy the wine. The chill kills it. Even white wine, which does normally need to be chilled, can be killed by being too cold. If you find that chilling red wine improves it, you need to find a better wine!

Ketchup is fine on hash browns. Or runny egg too. Either work, but I’ve never heard anything against ketchup on hash browns.

Slightly-softened chocolate ice cream makes a fine potato chip dip

Eggs and hashbrowns require salsa or salsa verde

Hot dogs call out for barbecue sauce. So do French fries.

Another ketchup on hot dogs guy.

Wine on the rocks.

Lox and cream cheese pizza.

Ketchup on hot dogs.

Swiss on Philly cheese steaks.

Pickled ginger on sushi.

Maybe not as unusual but so does Italian dressing. Especially on corrugated chips like Ruffles.

I recently found that I like pickles as a side dish. The sliced rounds that you put on sandwiches. A dozen or so will do it just fine, thank you.

I have found yet another way to irritate my sister. :dubious:

Eh, dipping a hard sharp cheese in honey is quite a common way to serve it in some parts of the world.

I eat knishes the way my Mom made them for me - with cream cheese and mustard. I once asked a NYC food cart guy if he had any cream cheese, and got a Look.

So you just . . . eat it with a fork? Like coleslaw?

I drink red wine, even if I’m eating chicken or fish.

Yep. I echo the sage words of Baron Phillipe Rothschild: “I will drink white wine when the world runs out of red.”

I agree that ketchup is natural on hash browns. I do enjoy it on hot dogs, but honestly I also do it to spite Chicago/purists. It knows what else it did! The only way tomatoes belong on a hot dog is if they are pureed and mixed with tons of sugar and vinegar.

When I eat cereal, it’s without milk or anything else 99% of the time. Dry. There are only a few types of cereal I will tolerate with milk. Even then it’s usually for bland cereal, while for many types I find milk actively disgusting.

When she’s not in training and can eat junk food my kid dips her french fries in her chocolate milkshake. I was dubious, but am now a convert.