You're Still Wearing that?

The current thread about the oldest object you own that was given to you new, suggests another one. What article of clothing that you now wear have you been wearing the longest? I have a necktie I occastionally wear that I am wearing in a picture taken of me when I was 17 years old, 53 years ago. I probably had had it for a year or two at the time the picture was taken. I’ve seen it go in and out of style a dozen times over the years. But neckties rarely wear out.

Do shoes count? I’ve got a pair of pigskin roughout boots that I’ve been wearing for… let’s see… 29 years now.

I have a beige linen skirt I bought at Target in 1973. When I bought it I thought, “Ugh, this is really long, but I guess long skirts are coming back.” Nowadays it hits me right above the knee (well, that’s where it always hit me, but that’s what used to seem long to me). I still have a couple of other skirts from that era but they are really too short, even if short was back in style.

I’ve got a New Orleans JazzFest Tshirt from 1992. It’s still one of my favorite garments. Hey, it doesn’t have shoulder pads! So it’s still cool, right?

At this very moment, I am wearing a pair of socks that are otherwise unremarkable, save for the fact that I’m pretty sure my mother bought them for me sometime around 1985. Not overly worn out, no holes, not threadbare. Just the socks that time forgot.

I still have a hand-knitted wool sweater I bought during our trip to England and Scotland in 1977. I think that’s the oldest thing I still occasionally wear.

I have a skirt that my Grandma made in 1958 for Home Ec in her sophomore year of High School that I still wear. It’s in great condition and amazingly still white. I did have to replace the waist band as the original elastic was not in good condition.

I did my workout last night in a t-shirt that I got in 1995. If it didn’t have paint on the boob, I’d still wear it around for errands and stuff. (Damn boobs always getting in the way when I paint!)

I have a jacket that originally belonged to my first husband. It’s about 35 years old.

I have a few concert T-shirts from high school - 15 years old.

The OP says “given to you new,” but if **mmouse9799 **can do it, so can I. I have the shirt my dad bought in 1945 in Hawaii, the day he got his Army discharge. It’s an Arrow, white and yellow with palm trees on it. He was very thin from malaria, so it fits me perfectly.

I’ve still got tube socks that I bought in the mid 90s. They seriously need replacing.

My winter coat is probably 15 years old. It’s getting replaced this year. The “slept in a gutter next to LL Bean” look is so last year.

I have t-shirts that are 15 years old. Jeans probably about that old. They’re a bit holy in the knees but I’m an old 80’s rocker dude so what do I care? :smiley:

Frye boots with cow horn stitching, bought in, hmmmm, …1974(?)

Wedding band, also 1974. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have anything in my closet that I bought new and that’s more than 10 years old… I had to throw out the vast majority of my wardrobe after my basement apartment flooded in 1999 (we’d just done laundry and the baskets were sitting on the floor), and a moth infestation took care of the rest just a couple of months later.

As far as items that weren’t given to me new, I have a vintage 1950s formal dress in blue shot silk taffeta that I bought 10 years ago for my senior prom - the shape and style date it to the mid-50’s, which would make it just over 50 years old now. It survived the Great Purge of 1999 as it was stored at my parents’ house at the time. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many occasions where I can show up in silk taffeta, but I’m still hanging onto it in case the perfect occasion presents itself. :slight_smile:

My mother was an elementary schoolteacher in the 70s. At one point, she bought a “wildly expensive” pair of wedge slingbacks, brown leather, wooden base, peep toe. She justified buying them b/c they were so comfy- there’s a built in slightly padded insole. She wore them nearly every day and handed them down to me about 10 years ago and now I wear them all the time- they’re still in great shape and absolutely beautiful! People are always very surprised when I tell them that they’re my mother’s old classroom shoes from the 70s.

I would be an adherent of the brand forever if there was any indication left on the shoes as to who made them :frowning:

I have a Bob Dylan T-shirt from 1988 or so.

I’ve got a hockey jersey from 1998. I don’t keep clothes around long, but having lived in hot climates for most of the past ten years, I only wear it a few times a year.

My 22 year old daughter was having a '“sqeeee” over a “great retro belt” she “found” in my closet, could she have it??? No. I bought that in 1981 and I wear it a couple of times a year. Then could she borrow it? No. I’d never see it again. That belt is 5 years older than you are. Put it back.

I have a t-shirt that I got in elementary school and still wear. Yup I am a 27 year old woman who wears a shirt she got when she was 12.:smiley: