You're using my old e-mail address. (spam)

I’ve gotten about 20 e-mails with the subject “You’re using my old e-mail address.” from (along with some "reply all"s from people saying, “I’ve never hear of you in my life”). What’s the deal? Is this some sort of scam? What is it trying to accomplish?

I just got about 10 of these too. I thought it was localized (I’m only signed up one maybe 2 list serves. . .) Interesting. . .

I got the same thing, (I just checked my mail a sec ago.) I dont know what it is, but it cant be good. Mine was from a different address though, or something like that (i deleted all ten copies that I got.) I suspect its a virus or something (I didn’t open any of the messages, except for one of the replies.) I also got something called “yahoo autoresponse” which is strange because I haven’t emailed anyone, and it was just an attached file that I didn’t download, and responses from people I dont know.

I got the same thing, and I blocked the original screen name, ( but too many people started responding, so I blocked all email.

The original group was titled

I’ll keep my email off for a day or so and hope the dust settles.

Damn it!

Stupid. I should’ve previewed.

Please don’t click on the link and begin emailing whoever that is.

Mods–please change that address to something other than a link, OK?


Yeah, mine came from badrats too. I meant to say that it appears the sender has something to do with “raraavisband”.

I’ve applied a filter to get rid of mail with “You’re using my old e-mail address.” in the title.

So does anyone know what the purpose of this is? What is badrats up to?

There’s a thread about this in ATMB. The OP there theorizes that someone signed up people’s email address that they got from either here or the temp board and subbed them to the mailing list The badrat guy’s multiple emails, as well as the responses to them, were sent to the mailing list, from what I can tell.

I just got 15 of these, including an autogenerated response from David Lynch, which I thought was pretty cool.

I just got about 75 of them right now. Nuts. I hope they find out whats causing them.

Count me among the many who are getting this. I thought the spam might be related to this board when I noticed someone responding to the spam was a doper. (Rysdad responded to tell everyone to stop responding. I hope everyone listens.)

I think the badrat e-mails are automatically generated and the real culprit here is Raraavais.

I’m gettin’ 'em too.

According to the original e-mail I got, someone got my e-mail address from a “music-oriented” web site and put me on a mailing list. It looks like auto-responses from other “subscribers” were sent to eveyone on the list, most of whom probably didn’t know they were on the list. I tried to unsubscribe, and it seemed to be working, but when I sent the confirmation e-mail, the address failed

I also got twenty. Interesting. That’s a first for me. Off to ATMB.
Coincidently (I hope), my comp locked up early this pm, and I couldn’t get back on to IE.

I’ve been getting these emails as well. I filtered out the common list sender. I tried to unsubscibe but it told me I wasn’t subscribed and yet the email kept comming. Quite irritating. I think that it may have been someone’s idea of a joke to sign a bunch of easily available email addresses to a list.

I’ve been getting them since ~2:30; well, they’re blocked now. I wondered if it was board related. I don’t keep my email listed, but I’ve exchanged email with several dopers.

I got about eight. Deleted them all, but didn’t block any additional. They seemed to have stopped. This happened about a year ago after a site I frequented got hacked.

I got 15 and then I unsubscribed and also sent an email to their administrative email address chastizing them for not having subscription authorization and I have not gotten any more.

Not getting any (typical).

Of course I didn’t sign up at the temp board, wonder if that’s important.


I’ve been getting about 30 e-mails of this shit an hour!
Stopped about an hour ago.

Wow! What a coinkidink. I got about 35, stopped about an hour ago.