YouTube ads

Hello Everyone,

I subscribe to severall YouTube channels and most of them have ads attached to their videos to create a revenue stream. For most ads you are able to skip them after 5 sec s or so. Does the content creator get revenue from the ad if I skip it or only if I watch the whole thing?

Not that big of deal, but if they aren’t paid when someobe skips an add , I don’t see how they can ever have any revenue coming in.

Advertisers pay only when one of the following happens:

  1. The viewer clicks on the ad.

  2. The viewer watches the entire ad.

  3. The viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad if it is more than 30 seconds.

If the advertiser doesn’t pay, the content creator doesn’t get paid.
Having given the factual answer, let me add that my personal feeling is that if somebody went to all the trouble to make a video for me that I sought out and wanted to see, I’ll let the ad run for 30 seconds so they can collect a few cents for their trouble. I know that most people will not agree with this.

But I’ll be damned if I’ll watch that whole 5 minute ad from the guy standing in front of the white board trying to tell me how I can own all of the office buildings downtown. But it does feel good to make him pay.

I run an ad blocker and donate $ directly to the channels I like. Ad revenue is pitiful unless you are huge channel.

The problem with this argument is that not all the ads on YouTube videos are put there by their creators. YouTube allows third parties to make a copyright claim against a video and then put ads on it to “monetize” it. And speaking as the operator of a channel with several hundred videos, I can attest that there is an unacceptably high number of completely spurious claims. (This appears to be the result of automated but unreliable content matching systems.) Disputing these is a tedious manual process that never ends. A lot of video creators out there probably don’t have the know-how to effectively dispute these claims, or don’t have the time to do it over and over again, and so end up with ad-laden videos that don’t generate any revenue for them.