Youtube and your damn playlists!

Youtube you suck! Or maybe I suck! Help me out please.

I used to be able to simply click on one of my Youtube subscriptions and then I could see every video that was in the channel starting with the newest.

Now, somehow that has changed to playlists only. I cannot get it back the way it was. When you click on a channel to which you have subscribed you have the option of Featured, Feed, and Videos. I used to simply click Videos and I could see every video uploaded by that user. This is where it has changed to Playlists only.

What did I change? Did I do it? Did Youtube do it? Are you guys seeing what I am seeing?

I don’t hate change. I just simply want to be able to see all the videos like I did before.

I know. It’s not much of a rant, but I’m a little peeved.

In a similar vein, the “Favorites” list used to be just that, a list. Now it’s a frickinfrakin playlist and to play just one of them, I have to go to the “History” list and play it from there. GAHHHHHH! :mad: