YouTube thread

I can’t seem to find any recent thread just for YouTube videos so I thought I’d start one.

Here’s Brian Henderson’s Bandstand with one hell of a lineup: Herman’s Hermits, Searchers, Stones, and Jones.

Are you looking for just music videos or all things youtube?

Strange but true news stories?

Comedy clips?

Some famous sports moments?

How it’s done:

Scenes from movies?

Here are some songs I probably still wouldn’t know if I hadn’t stumbled upon them on YouTube:

I love Carole King. She’s never written a song that isn’t pure poetry:

The same is true of Al Stewart. This is from his Year of the Cat album:

This song has been recorded by many artists, but I really like this version.

A couple more. One an instrumental, the other in sung German.

The lyrics are on the site if you scroll down a bit.

And I love the beautiful paintings in the first video…

Whatever tickles your fancy. :slight_smile:

Three waltzes, the first two by Dmitri Shostakovich:

The third one is especially interesting because of both the music (it’s wonderful!) and the composer, a very talented man indeed.

One more for tonight. You might know Bocelli and Brightman’s version of this song, but this one is by the exquisite Katherine Jenkins:

I have a really bad fear of heights thing going, verging on mild vertigo, so I try to come to terms with this watching videos of cliff-climbing, driving on cliff-side roads, cray trail cycling, ironworkers (especially old crusty footage where safety harnesses weren’t a thing) on full screen (24-inch) until my heart rate starts to go up, when I then of course stop. Sometimes I can get through a whole video ok, like this one, because it’s a bit more meditative (stays at same spot the whole time). Working on antenna on top of John Hancock Tower:

This video never ceases to amaze me for several reasons. Marble Machine

The guy is now making a series of videos about building a new one.

ETA: How do you embed the video?

@terentii - If you ever get the opportunity, see Beautiful - it’s a Broadway musical about Carole King’s early life and career. Interesting story, and, of course, great music. Unfortunately, it ends just at the point where she’s left her husband, moved to California, and began writing “Tapestry”, so you don’t get to hear many of the songs from that album (which I grew up listening to, and is thus woven into the soundtrack of my youth). But you do get to hear all the great music she wrote when she was young, living in New York. And the final song is “Natural Woman”. I’m not usually a fan of Broadway musicals, especially the “classic American songbook”; but this and Kinky Boots are big exceptions.

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I’ve been watching Little Big (a Russian satirical/novelty/comedy band)'s videos a lot the last couple days… Particularly Skibidi, Hypnodancer and I’m OK.

Skibidi: mDFBTdToRmw (Link broken since the video includes a brief segment where Sonya and Illich are in their underwear, although it’s way too goofy to be sexy.) Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, the Romantic Version doesn’t have undies, and is somehow even weirder than the original.

I’m OK:


I did something wrong and ended up with that blank post. Interesting.

Belita in Suspense (1946):

Wilt Chamberlain’s house:

Jonathan Ross goes in search of Steve Ditko:

“CC Rider” interpreted by Roy Buchanan:

This is one of the most hilarious videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

The others in this series are great as well.

Fun squared cubed to a large power. Wow. Just wow. So much fun!

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Get Smart

W hat if animals were round?