YouTube thread

This brought me back to my teenage years for two minutes.

The Devil Went Down To Georgia played on a washing machine

Oh good, time for this thread to be useless one year from now as all the links get taken down

I came across this video recently. A stop motion animated video compilation of several of ABBA’s songs.
Cute, funny and nostalgic.

Morgan James singing the Beatles’ White Album

All cooking should be this straight-forward:

I’m just going to list my favorite channels, easy enough to find without the large inserted image. (In no particular order)

  • RealLifeLore Variety of stuff, what if’s, how did various natural/political stuff happen.
  • Wendover How does it work?, logistics of islands, aircraft carriers, cargo, etc.
  • Bright Sun Films Second favorite, history of abandoned places/parks/ships, cancelled shows/projects.
  • Casual Navigation Nautical stuff, how does it work questions.
  • Ben G Thomas Zoology/paleontology, cryptozoology, what ifs, etc. Cool dinosaur stuff.
  • Mustard Mostly airplane and other transportation projects, analysis of failures etc.
  • Thoughty2 Little bit of everything, space, science, history, expl of bizarre films/videos.
  • Real Engineering Analysis of everything from Starlink to tanks.
  • Curious Droid Tech, science, space, how does it work, or why didn’t it work videos.
  • TechnologyConnections
  • Smarter Every Day Absolute all time favorite channel. Enthusiastic guy investigates/films everything from lawn equipment to what happens if you fire AK-47s underwater. Also lots of modern weapons stuff, he’s a test engineer for weapons testing. Get comfortable for this one.
  • Veritasium Tech stuff, but for non-engineers
  • Cheddar Why/how of everyday things, from traffic circles to Amazon psych trickery
  • Economics Explained Self-explanatory, but pretty interesting.
  • C. W. Lemoine Former fighter pilot turned airline pilot, lots of explanations about flying, helicopters, etc.

Hope all these links work. I tested them before posting and everything seemed fine.

Was Cher in that?

One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

There’s a 10 year old drummer from Japan, Yoyoka, who has been a YouTube star for a couple years. But I had never heard of her until yesterday. Here she is playing with her family. An adorable kid playing a Rage Against the Machine song with her mom on vocals. How often do you see that?

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen on Youtube all week (and that includes Dave Grohl’s drum-off with another drumming kid)!

One channel I stumbled across is that of Slotlady:

She videos herself playing slot machines and table games at various casinos. It’s weirdly fascinating–sometimes she wins big; other times, wins a little; and other times loses everything. She comments on everything as she plays (“Oh, that’s sour” is often heard if a slot game is not paying off), and explains the rules of the games–what you need for the bonus round on a slot game, or she explains how to play the table games.

As I said, it’s weirdly fascinating; and as one who occasionally goes to a casino, I find it educational. At the very least, I’ve discovered games that I never want to play.

Yep! ABBA too!

Should have been a big hit, and she should have been a big star:

Comedy from Ryan George:

Partridge Family-san! Show me…wax the bus!

I stumbled across this channel yesterday. Driving home, it was raining hard and I looked at my dash cam footage. The windshield wiper looked floppy as it went back and forth and I knew enough to suspect it was because of rolling shutter. His explanation was excellent.

If you miss Mythbusters, this channel is for you.

Cheddar plays at the doctor’s office, gas stations, etc. doesn’t it? I notice I get it on sling and I intend to pursue it.

Any Matty Matheson fans out there? He had three (?) programs on VICE but I haven’t seen him in awhile.

lol to get the full little big effect you need to see “drinking every day” “welcome to russia” oh and “big dick”

If your a video game fanatic and are into the old stuff look up retro core battle of the ports …
or just retro core in general he has all sorts of video game related stuff

If you like animated short films check out the CGMeetups and Goeblins channels.

When it came out I didn’t think this song would make a big mark. But the older I get, the more it grows on me.

I especially like this version. There really is something special about a big group of singers in support. FTR this was posted Jan 2017 so it’s a COVID guilt free zone. People singing to each other about insecurities…just, wow.