Your favorite Youtube video (new thread)

Rather than ressurect an old thread, I’ll simply start over with a new one. My favorite Youtube video of the moment.

What’s yours?

Priscilla Ahn - Dream

Oh my. If that hot dog vendor hadn’t tried to feed her the troll doll it wouldn’t have been so scary.

The reason why Abraham Lincoln is on the penny:

This one about the effects of various drugs on the web building of spiders.

Sgt Schwartz

Caruso’s montage of putting on sunglasses and cheesy one-liners from CSI: Miami.

The Battle at Kruger has been linked in another thread, but it’s certainly worth mentioning here. (Hint: don’t draw conclusions about the outcome until you see the full video.)

I’ll also nominate this “Soul Flyers” video - and this one. These guys are pretty close to crazy.

Olga Pikhienko’s Cirque du Soleil balancing act is rather good - as is this acrobatic performance.

Hell, I’m still liking my answer from the last one of these threads – Biff’s Question Song.

These aren’t at Youtube (well I guess they might be), but are at FunnyorDie:

David Blaine’s Street Magic #1

David Blaine’s Street Magic #2

My brother has entered YouTube’s Sketch Comedy Contest. Go over there and vote for Ketchup! Some of the others are pretty good too.

I just stumbled onto this. It is a montage from a Shepardic Flamenco concert. It is interesting to me because I went to high school with the female singer.

Here’s an entry for the Excessively Cute category: otters holding hands.

In honor of Bob Barker:

This is a video where a guy makes a replica of the “Super Size Me” movie poster, using only ketchup and french fries. It’s remarkable.

dan le sac VS scroobius pip “Thou Shalt always Kill”:

Jon Voight fights Karate Dog.

Seriously. This makes me want to rent the movie.

Heavy Metal Cookie Monster

Front fell off.

That was freakin’ brilliant.

Front fell off…brilliant.

Front fell off… any idea where that came from? It is the perfect Python-esque interview!