YouTube thread

What’s the old show business saying about never working with kids or animals?

Making friends is hard. . . at any age.

Elvis live in '73. No lip synching here!

The most inspirational video ever.
Warning: NSFW so broken link and if you have teenagers (and older) around that play video games you may recognize them in this popoff. For context, here is the background on Streets 1:12.

I present Ryan Lockwood. watch?v=oYmqJl4MoNI

I guess we’ve all seen Mentos/Coke geysers.* How about Mentos + Coke + oil?

*If you somehow missed that, she covers it at the beginning.

9 January 1978: Bob Barker socially distances an enthusiastic contestant: “You stay on your disc and I’ll stay on my disc.”

Just saw this one. It’s on a compilation of videos with surprise ending and all I have to say is it’s a must see.

Rough… thanks for sharing.