YouTube thread

Some of the silliest videos ever posted on YouTube but I discovered this channel a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been binging on them.

Ordinary Sausage

It’s a guy who makes sausages out of bizarre ingredients and then eats them.

Every time I open this thread there is a different preview image for this video…

Bill Bailey performs a Tribute to Kraftwerk


Also posted in the “annoying commercial” thread to snark at Nationwide’s “Peytonville”.

Was that Doug Henning in the green?

Electric car motor automation

The PBS show The Woodwright’s Shop is now on YouTube. I love it, Underhill is like the Bob Ross of handtools, or something.

Do you ever wonder if Roy Underhill and Norm Abram ever met, there would be mutual annihilation? (like matter and anti-matter)


Or they’d combine into their Final Form.

I’ve tried to see if either has been a guest on the other’s show, but doesn’t look like it.

Classical music, played by a train.

Google doodle for Earth Day 2021

Like. :+1:

Reminded me of MrBeast planting 20M trees with the hashtag #teamtrees in 2019. Cool stuff.

This reminds me of an OK Go video:

found this guy a few weeks ago

its a rather large set of vids…

And this guy is my favorite video game person

and for wrestling just look up jim cornette … he has 3-4 different channels for various subjects

Found this one a couple weeks ago and it just floored me.

Wow, that was amazing!!! Reminds me of how great dancers were in that era. Splits after jumping from a balcony. Yow!

I went down a YouTube rabbithole watching this guy’s videos recently. He is an Englishman that visits former USSR countries looking for Soviet relics and documenting what has happened to the countries after the Russians left. He also visits places like the cartel regions of Mexico, Bolivia, and Cuba. He almost always meets friendly people regardless of how bad the reputation of the area is.

Proof that Uptown Funk goes with everything.