YouTube video of lorry pushing car along with driver oblivious

Any thoughts on whether this video is genuine?

It was supposedly filmed in England, from a moving vehicle, and shows a lorry speeding along pushing a small Renault hatchback sideways in front of the cab, seemingly unaware that the car is there.

I’d have thought this would have made the news if it was genuine, but it looks pretty convincing, and the transport company appears to be genuine - the URL was registered in 2000 which seems to rule out a viral marketing thing.

Only news I could find are from the Daily Mail and The Sun, so take it with a pinch of salt.

It is absolutely insane if true.

If it is real, the car driver was incredibly lucky that the car didn’t flip over and get flattened. The fact that the road was wet may have reduced the friction enough to keep it sliding.

You’d think the people that filmed it would have tried to get in front of the lorry and alert the driver - to be fair maybe they did after the video ends.

There’s now a story on the BBC about this.

No cite, but this was on Livejournal and one of the comments was from someone who has a friend who works for the company and that the driver pulled out in front of him and he couldn’t see her down there. She and her passengers were uninjured.

Youtube says the video has been removed.

You can watch the BBC’s own copy. See the link provided by a previous poster.

Why would they do that, bearing in mind some of the crap they leave on their site?

It says the user removed the video. I.E. not Youtube.

It was removed by the user.

There are lots of other copies of the video on YouTube now. Just search for “lorry pushing car”. E.g. this one which is a news report.