YouTube videos to DVD?

Disclaimer: I am a tech idiot, so my question may have an answer that is obvious to everyone in the universe except me. Also, this has probably been done before ad nauseum, but a SDMB and a Google search didn’t turn up anything.

Now then. In the late 80’s The Disney Channel aired a special called “Monster Hits”. It consisted of Halloween- appropriate 80’s pop music and bits from old Disney movies edited together to make music videos. I have a shitty VHS copy, recorded from the original broadcast way back then. It is one of the greatest bits of Halloween tv I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, my old VHS tape is pretty much shot.

However, the entire hour-long show is available (in segments) on YouTube!

So. Is there a way to transfer YouTube videos to a DVD? A bit of googling shows lots of websites that advertise that they can do it, for a fee of course. I’m dubious. Whatever I use, I want it to be legal. Also, I’m not sure how they work.

Anybody know if this is possible?

You can certainly do it yourself.
I would use:
FlashGot (a FireFox plugin) to download the videos, and then iDVD to assemble them into an DVD and burn them.

Yes, completely possible. I’ve done it myself.

DVDVideoSoft’s YouTube to DVD Converter. This will create the video file, you still need a burner program.

Absolutely! I’m an open source fan so I’ll tell you the tools I use. First I run Firefox so I use DownloadHelper extension to save the video to disc. Then I use DeVeDe to make a DVD playable in all players (Mpeg format). I happen to have a player that can handle AVI’s which are more highly compressed which means I can cram more stuff onto a given disc. So if it’s just for my own consumption, I will use FFMpeg to convert the YouTube flash video into AVI.

Not to be a stick in the mud, but the OP wants it to be legal. From YouTube’s TOS: