YouTube videos won't load

Both **Fetchund **and I are having the same problem: videos won’t load. The page loads and then we just get the little loading animation but the video never loads. I’ve seen the same thing with videos embedded in Facebook. Otherwise, I’m not sure if this is only YouTube or affects all videos.

Here are the particulars:

I’m on XP Pro, **Fetch **is on XP Home
I’m on IE 7, **Fetch **is on IE 8
We both recently installed a bunch of XP security updates.
We both recently upgraded to AVG 9 (free)

Here’s some history on what I’ve tried:

I first had this problem about a week or so ago. I installed a bunch of XP security updates and videos loaded ok after that. Installed a few more updates a few days later – now videos do NOT load.

I’ve got Firefox. Videos won’t load there, either.

I cleared my cache.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash. No effect.

I uninstalled AVG. No effect.
I messed around with some AVG settings. No effect.

I’ve searched the interwebs and haven’t found anything that either seemed pertinent or that worked. (My google-fu is pretty pitiful, though.)

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Keep in mind, please, that I am a surface computer user (pretty comfortable up top, but not so comfortable with the deeper workings) and try to speak English to me. :smiley:

Update. Just watched a video that had been loaded directly to Facebook. THAT worked. YouTube - still nothing.

Any add-on on Firefox such as Ad Blocker Plus?
Does AVG block malicious IPs? I know Malwarebyes Anti-Malaware recently blocked some IPs on Steam. However, once in a while a safe one gets caught.

What else do you guys have in common? I mean, are you using the same Internet connection? It could be a problem with your IP, or, if you are actually in the same house, your line or router.

I know I’ve had a problem with this, and resetting my router (turning it off and back on) fixed it. The problem was that my internet had slowed down to a trickle*.

In fact, you can test your Internet speed. Go to If you don’t know what the result numbers mean, just put 'em here and I’m sure someone will explain.

*Line quality problem. It isn’t shielded perfectly, and occasionally it will pick up some interference, and the Internet slows down so that it can still run, and doesn’t speed back up once the interference is gone. Rebooting the modem resets it.

Just now finding time to get back to this.

No add-ons as far as I know.

Restarting the router had no effect. (We’re both wireless from the same modem and router.)

I’ve done some random checks for videos elsewhere on the webs. Every place I’ve tried works ok; just not YouTube.

This may not be helpful, but I’m using Explorer 6 (at work) and I’m finding most (but not all) youtube videos will not work for me. This is a recent (~a week or two) phenomenon.

I just noticed that I (apparently) can’t form a sentence without parenthesis.