Youtube's new layout.

Wow, looks so… professional now.

Not much of a surprise, as Google has been giving makeovers to all of its properties lately.

Looks pretty nice overall, though the light-grey-on-dark-grey text on the side panel could stand to get a contrast boost. At the very least, various personalized skin options would be nice (even if they’re just a change of color scheme) - but it doesn’t look like there are any that I can see.

Sure, it looks nice, but that hides that it is less functional. You have access to fewer videos, both per page, and absolutely if you count recommended videos, and you can no longer remove a video you’ve already seen or just aren’t interested in. This is really upsetting the people who use YouTube the most and thus have a lot of junk on their homepage now that they can’t filter.

And I’m not a big fan of the light gray background everywhere. Oddly enough, the thing I complained most about when Google changed, the black, looks fine, though, once again, they use the light gray text.

What really bugs me is that I and several others told them all this during the beta period. But there seems to be a newfound insistence not to listen to people.

I really don’t get showing fewer videos. How is that good for their ad revenue? Or have they given up on that and hope Google+ will make them enough to offset it?

I don’t like change in my websites :stuck_out_tongue:

Hate it. Whereas before, about 3/4 of the screen space was relevant, now only about 1/3 of it is. Also, it’s ugly, also also, they monkeyed with the subscription display feature and now it’s unreliable. Bleah.