You've got to have a set of big ones

…to remain calm in the midst of disaster

Cats are great nerve-calmers :slight_smile:

Glad to see the photo was taken by the local photographer, and not AP. I hate AP photos.

That pic is photo-journalism at its best.

(Yeah, I look at photo credits. I’m in the newspaper biz.)

Cats are the best!

oh and when I say this thread it was followed by "Because they make me feel pretty"

Bout fell over laughin!:smiley:

Sorry to go OT, but I just love it when two thread titles one above the other seem to complete a sentence or thought. “You’ve got to have a set of big ones” “because it makes me feel pretty.” And right below it, “Have you ever experienced the supernatural? Well, look at what I stepped in this morning!”

On topic…you gotta wonder what that cat’s thinking right there. I mean, he sticks it out with this dude despite the mullet he appears to be growing, probably because the dude feeds him and lets him live in that rusted out shack. Now that the rusted out shack is ruined, what’s keepin’ the cat there? I just see the cat looking up at the guy in that picture going “Err…Ray…I’ve got relatives in Keokuk, Iowa, I thought maybe I’d go stay with them for awhile now that the shack is kinda trashed…no, it’s not you, I just think I need some time away.” Or perhaps feline loyalty goes above and beyond what us doglovers previously believed?