Yummy! (Dentist made women swallow semen)


“When I swallowed I tasted it, and it was semen.” Oh yeah! And how would you know what semen taste like? :slight_smile:

Why? I mean, really…WHY?!?

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I open a thread like this. Between this story and the one where the obese woman had her couch surgically removed from her body, this has been a weird week.

Pearl Drops?

You may feel a little prick.

It was numb because the doc gave her a shot in the mouth.

This thread was already making me laugh, but this was too much. Now I’m hee-hawing with laughter, which is somewhat problematic since I’m at work and not working on anything particularly funny.

Lol… Open up and say “Aaaah!”

I would have loved to be the assistant there. “Will you go get me the hot water heater?”

“But it’s bolted to the floor, and…”
“I said go get it dammit!”

Dentist: I’m tired of telling everyone to spit all day! Swallow, dammit, swallow!!

Assistant: Ummm, what’s in that syringe there?

Dentist: Never mind! Go get me a huber probe.

Assistant: But you haven’t used one of those in-

Dentist: Don’t argue with me, just go to the storeroom and get me one!

(assistant leaves)

Dentist: Sheesh. She just needs a little squirt if you know what I mean.

(Patient shakes head)

Dentist: Never mind.

The traditional method, one would assume.

And now for the laughing gas…

Yeah, but that second patient’s husband has got to be feeling really stupid.

Wife: “But honey, he shot sperm in my mouth!”
Husband: “No, a dentist wouldn’t do that.”
Husband’s Friend: “Besides, Husband says you don’t even go down on him, let alone swallow.”
Wife: “I’m telling you, I’ve had that taste in my mouth before.”

Maybe it’s a misleading spelling error.

Root canal!

‘A seventh claims he jumped on top of her in the dental chair and “began to gyrate against her lower body in a sexual manner.”’

I don’t see anything wrong with the dentist’s attempts to drill.

(also, is that not one of the funniest things a dentist could ever do?! Jump ON TOP OF SOMEONE, who is probably on something, AND CONTINUE BY GYRATING HIS HIPS! Just awesome.)

“And now for the laughing gas…”

Mmmmmm… fern sperm…?! I don’t think that where and why the red fern grows has any importance to this thread.