Oral sex: Swallowing

As a straight male, I’m not going to be swallowing semen; so maybe this is a double-standard. But why do so many women not want to swallow? My ex-fiancée thought it was unhygenic. Others simply said no. Receiving fellatio, but knowing it won’t be to completion is a bit of a turn-off. The alternatives are to use a condom, or to make a bit of a mess.

Slightly related: Do you mind if the guy makes suggestions about how to fellate better?

Gotta love the occasional themes around here!

I’ve always been a swallower, so I have no insight into why a woman might refuse. I’ve heard that semen is very high in calories, so maybe stop dating supermodels? :smiley: Quite frankly, a claim that swallowing is “unhygienic” sounds kind of hypocritical and/or ignorant to me (unless she also made you wear a condom during blowjobs). How could something from inside the body be any more or less hygienic than a penis? I don’ geddit.

I don’t mind suggestions about my technique, in fact I usually solicit them. Different guys like different things, and I definitely want to make sure I’m doing what works for the dick that’s in my mouth. Plus, the sooner he gets off the better it is for my jaw. :wink:

I’m a straight guy, but I can totally understand why someone wouldn’t want a viscous wad of hot semen shot into their throats.

Because it’s a bodily fluid, and they don’t liek the taste or texture.

I’m sure, at least some of the time, there’s some sexual politics at play here. Refusing to swallow is asserting some control and boundaries over the relationship.

I don’t like the taste of it. It’s hot and VERY salty. For me, it burns my throat (maybe because I’m a smoker, or have my tonsils still?) I’m not a fan of salty foods or hot drinks so…

If you’re wondering what it tastes like…I’ve always thought it tasted like that salty soup you get at Chinese restaurants. Miso?

I love getting instruction on how to perform better. When I’m doing it, my main goal is to get the guy off. It’s a control thing. I also can’t do it for very long stretches because I have TMJ (bad jaw) so I mix in a lot of hand action too, and every guy wants something different. So it’s best to tell me.

I don’t know why I am so readily sharing all of this on a message board. heh.

I swallow, and I find instruction in how to better please my partner helpful. Sometime I want things slower/faster/harder/moretotheleft, and I appreciate my input being taken under consideration.
I don’t consider semen unhygenic anymore than I feel my own secretions are unhygenic.

It doesn’t bother me a bit to swallow. I kind of like it. The times I’ve swallowed, though, it didn’t have that much of a taste, though, due to the diet or body chemistry of the guys involved, I guess.

Other people have told me that they don’t like the taste or that they just plain find the idea gross.


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I forgot the second bit of the OP. As far as that goes, I welcome it. I’ve not performed fellatio that often, due to lack of opportunity (on people I’d actually want to blow–plenty of creeps seem to want it from me, though) and I still don’t really feel like I know what I’m doing. It’s a great help if the receiver lets me know what he wants, as long as he’s polite. I’d do the same if I were the receiver.

Same here. What I don’t understand, however, is why it seems to matter to so many men.

You make it sound much more disgusting than it actually is – not to mention that the entire act of swallowing only takes 1-2 seconds. :slight_smile: Your statement actually reminds me a little of some of the women in the “Ladies, do you like reciving oral sex? (TMI)” thread who don’t or haven’t liked it because they think their vaginas are “gross.”

I’ve heard that from other women, but forgot about it. :smack:

It’s definitely not a treat for the taste buds, but I’ve never found it so bad that I wouldn’t swallow. Though it is true that what a guy eats/drinks can affect the taste.

My first boyfriend’s semen had a horrible taste. I don’t know if it was because of all the beer he drank or what, but I rarely swallowed for him because I always feared I might gag. Very acidic, kind of…skunky? After him, any other guy tasted like ice cream topping, especially my last boyfriend. Healthy eater, lots of fruits. Sweet.

I kind of understand why it’s a big deal for some guys, because I love receiving just as much as giving and if a man got me right up to the edge, took his mouth off of me, and diddled me with his finger to finish me off I would feel a little let down. :wink:

I was talking about swallowing, not oral sex to completion. You can perform oral sex to completion without swallowing.

I don’t like to swallow because it makes my throat hurt. Plus, it’s not a pleasant taste, to me.

I can understand why you might not want someone to come in your mouth, but once it’s there, you might as well swallow. If you find it unpleasant tasting, why keep it in there until you get to the bathroom, or grab a big enough wad of tissue to spit it out?

I don’t swallow simply because I’m a gagger, and I’m a super-taster. I don’t like the taste of it, and I know that I’d start gagging the second it hit my mouth. I know I would. Not a control issue at all; simply a desire to not upchuck during an intimate moment.

Sorry, do you mean spitting it out? To me that’s just all of the flavor with twice the insult.

Um. Susie Derkins, stop replying. The more you send replies into the sex threads, the more crushes you’re going to develop.

My sperm count is so high…

[RIGHT]How high is it??[/RIGHT]

It’s so high, my girlfriend has to chew before swallowing!

Well, there are a couple choices for me, assuming oral to completion:

  1. Swallow and gag, complete with eyes tearing up or
  2. Spit quietly and in another room where the guy can’t hear

Personally, the second one seems way less offensive and so that’s what I do.

I’ve just never been able to swallow without choking, hacking, gagging, eyes turning red and tearing up, nose running, etc. Oh, and I shudder, like I’ve had a strong drink or really disgusting cough syrup. Semen just has such an awful texture.

I don’t spit or swallow. He can either shoot it across the room or not get a blow job at all. If it gets in my mouth, I’ll throw up. It’s really that simple. I’d rather keep him hard and have him get off during actual sex.

Tons of women will say they love doing blow jobs, but I’m not one of them. Maybe on his birthday and Xmas or something, but not as a part of my daily repetoire.