Yuppie weekend Dad you can kiss my ASS!!

My rant isn’t necesarilly with him as much as the current PC climate.

My sisters SO bought her a new bowling ball today. He asked us to acompany them for a fun evening out and practice ( we bowl together in a league).
We got all set up on a pair of lanes … they saw fit to put a weekend dad and his two precocious little boys next to us.

Fine enough… No problems…

Untill they started running up and down the aproach areas of the lanes!! And down the lanes themselves!!

Not only is this dangerous(as the lanes are VERY slippery!!)

However, step in front of a man intent on throwing a 16 pound projectile at a hight rate of speed COULD be deadly!!

I looked around and weekend dad was chatting up with the bar tender lady…paying ZERO attention to the little accidents that had already happened.

That ain’t my real rant though!!

I walked over to the counter lady and asked if she could figure a way to controll the kids She talked to the guy and he got PISSED!! How DARE I complain about his kids!!

He then complained to manager that I was actually smoking a cigarette outside 5 feet of the concourse level! (I had gone down to correct a score)

NOW what is more dangerous? A kid running rampant in front of me, or smelling my cigarette smoke from 25 feet away while DAD is sitting at a bar with 20 other smokers trying to score a bar tender?

Whether tis more dangerous to smell cigarette smoke than a 16 pound bowling ball?? Then get self riteous about it? Then use it for a reason to attack me back.

I understand that as a smoker I am a despised and disgusting member of society, I am a target! BUT DAMNIT I have rights too!!

Obnoxious people, unruly kids, and second hand smoke. Does Homer Simpson bowl?

What does this have to do with either Personal Computers or Political Correctness?

Well, of course the danger level is greater with the kids playing in the lanes than with your cigarette smoking, but the moral of the story is you need to have clean hands if you are going to complain about someone.

everything as I think he was alleding to the fact that in the climate, it is considered mean to complain to a parent about unruly brats and in days of yore, they would be making behave.

He had every right to do, and if more people made a stink for shitty parents then they might just get shamed in actually parenting while in public and we wouldn’t be raising a generation of self absorbed spoiled lil’ fucknut brats.

That clear enough?

Actually I thought it was more that smoking is so very un-PC that it trumps all else.

Thanks OPAL and GANGLIA,. You got the gist of what I meant. I was still pretty angry when I posted that perhaps I didn’t explain myself,

What REALLY go to me was the reaction of the bowling center management. Instead of talking to the guy and controlling an obviously dangerous situation, their only action was to admonish me for carrying a cigarette 5 feet out of bounds!

I may be wrong here and I understand that rules are rules but DAMN!!

Ya know, one day I’ll probably regret this, but I’ve taken to correcting the children myself. I just give them the ol’ Mean Mommy look and demand that they behave. If they’re small enough it works.

If you hit one of them with your bowling ball, how do you score that? Strike or spare?

Well, if you knock them off their feet, I’d say a strike. If you knock them off their feet, they start to cry and stay out of your way the rest of the day, I’d say you win the game.

Craneop - if your OP were readable, it would help. It was only clear from your followup post that the bowling alley management did nothing about the kids or the Yuppie Dad.

Oh yeah - I counted eight sentences in the OP ending with !!, not including the thread title. That sort of punctuation makes you sound like someone who isn’t legally old enough to smoke.

Sorry RTF, I’ll watch that in the future!

Umm, by the way were you at a bowling alley in San antonio saturday? With two kids?
Just kidding corrections well noted. Thanks

Then I go and miss a comma! Sheesh!

How did you know he was a weekend dad?

You can pick these things up.

A family type outing without mom?

Chatting up a bar tender.
The clincher though was when they were leaving I heard one of them ask if they could spend the night. He answered that he had to have them home tonight.

Actually I kinda felt sorry for the guy, I have NO problems with weekend dads, and you could tell he might have been recently divorced.

Still he acted like a real A-HOLE.

I Didn’t mean to imply that all weekend dads are like that.