Z Nation season 3

They came back with yet another awesome episode. 5K was cute, Cassandra caring for Lucy= hysterical!!! And I was a tiny bit scared about The Man coming around except seeing his icky feet in sandals distracted me.
It was better than any of the Fear The Walking Dead episodes so far.

It was confusing as fuck if you missed Doc’s little “hey guys this is a flashback” thing at the beginning. Which is an odd choice for a season premiere. And that guy they added to the cast last year was mysteriously missing when he should have been there in the timeframe this had to have happened in.

“It was better than any of the Fear The Walking Dead episodes so far.”

In your opinion. In mine… lol no. It’s better than when the show started, but it’s still the “bad” zombie show.

loved the redshirt bit, could see that one coming a mile away

Bumping this to solicit further commentary.

The more I grow to dislike Walking Dead, the more I’m enjoying this disarmingly goofy series. What say you all?

I’m a fan of both Walking Dead series and Z-Nation. TWD gets so relentlessly depressing I sought out Z-Nation as a way to balance that.

I’m finding Z-Nation to be a far more enjoyable watch than The Walking Dead. It’s certainly a far more imaginative show and oftentimes the drama is more compelling. TWD is just one damn misery after another and even after the current “Negan” arc, the gang is just going to meet another set of psychopathic antagonists (anyone care to speculate they won’t?). Lather, rinse, repeat. Meantime “the” Murphy is actually trying to accomplish something positive in Spokane, even if he and Warren disagree on means and ends.

I’m another fan of Z-Nation who finds it compares very favorably to The Walking Dead. Z-Nation is just better-written. And the characters dynamics are enjoyable–much less predictable than what TWD dishes out.

Ahh, agreement and affirmation! Yes, what the last three posters said. I’ll probably still watch TWD and maybe FTWD too, since I’ve got plenty of room on the DVR so I can save them up and watch when the mood strikes. And, I guess I can admit it, because they give such opportunities to bitch! I don’t think I’m the only one. I notice that the weekly threads for TWD and FTWD get lots of attention, much of which involves complaints. But Z-nation can’t even support a single thread for the entire season! I submit this is due to the fact that there are fewer ways and less incentive to express enjoyment than to bitch. And I’m as culpable as anyone.

I really enjoy the show. When I saw that the last episode of the season was titled “Everybody Dies in the End” I was actually kind of giddy. They might actually kill everyone off!–there isn’t the same feeling of some characters are ‘safe’–not one hundred percent. And honestly, between Murphy and Doc and I get at least one good guffaw out of each episode. Several have been pretty sad or pretty gory/scary too. It just doesn’t feel at gut-wrenching as TWD does anymore.

I enjoy Z Nation waaaaaay more than Walking Dead.
And Kellita Smith is very attractive.