Zap the puppy is finally here

Well, folks, she’s HERE!

Zap arrived yesterday, after a long journey from Stephen’s Point, WI. She apparently was as quiet as a mouse in her crate when they loaded her onto the plane in Chicago, and seemed absolutely cool, calm and collected when we let her out of her crate in Toronto, a good 5 hours after she’d been shipped.

She came out of her crate springing around, like she’d known us all her life, full of puppy kisses and bounciness. Valen was happy to see her, and quickly told her under no uncertain terms that his tail was NOT a toy. She seemed to have gotten the point rather quickly…

She’s the most adorable pupster I’ve seen since Valen came around (!). She’s perfectly marked, and gaits like a pro, and she has brains to boot! She’s pretty reliable about going outside to do her stuff, and loves to play. She responds to her name, and to a good number of commands already!

We’re exhausted, but ecstatic. It took us over 3 hours to get out of Toronto yesterday! Zap was quite the trooper, and so was Valen!

Woofs and wags from us all!


Here I was getting all excited to have the chance to play a flash game called “zap the puppy” that I was sure this thread had a link to.

Ah, well. Carry on.

More details please! Is her tummy all puppy-round and warm? And what of her glorious puppy toes?

And can I have her? :wink:

(Bad, Nardo, bad! Heehee…)

Pics pics pics!

(and give her a huggle for me!) :smiley:

She’s a doll!

Yep, warm fuzzy tummy, lots of coat for a little girl like that! She’s pretty good with housebreaking, and an all around stinker!

Warm fuzzy puppyyyyy!


I’m deliriously happy. My older dog is interested in her and plays with her… not too jealous so far! I spend a lot of 1/1 time with him, too.

Happy happy joy joy joy!

PUPPY!!! :smiley:

Woot…glad to see Zap is there…and that is one very cute puppy Elly…

I was more worried that this was a resurrection of that Rue thread … :slight_smile:

Adding my vote for pictures, please. There’s never too much cuteness in this ol’ world that we can’t enjoy a little more.

i was wondering what sort of darling little breed was this little bundle of joy?

On another note, We inherited a poodle cross pup last night. it was being chased by (get this) 2 wedgetailed eagles across our paddock and straight into our hay shed.

Poor little pup was so so so so scared and frightened.

Worst than that though…looks like the pup was dumped…

Missteak, that’s horrible! :frowning: Poor puppy! I bet it was terrified! Glad it fell into good hands, though!

Zap is an Australian Shepherd. She’s a red merle with white and copper trim, and looks like she will have one amber eye and the other amber and blue.

She’s a sweetie!

We’ll be putting up pictures today, I hope!

Fuzzy puppies rock. My old guy Valen is now PLAYING with her for real - really great way to poop her out quickly!

Woofs and wags!