Zarqawi had a tatoo?

I read that one of the ways in which he was identified was by a tatoo. I thought muslims were not allowed to have tatoos. Does anyone know what it was? Perhaps a heart with Osama across it.

He wasn’t a compliant muslim in his wacky youth, when he did lots of non-muslim-compliant things. He got religion later, after he dropped out of school and took road trips to Afghanistan after the Soviets left. The mujahedeen influenced him, and this influence was strengthened in later adventures in Pakistan.

I almost ended up with a tatoo once, fortunatly the state I was is had a law that said it was illegal to tatoo a person so intoxicated they could not really consent. The palor in question obeyed the law. I am gratefully without tatoo. Many of my friends did get tatoos, and since wish they had not. A tatoo is a symbol of a time, a snapshot if you will, your views may change, the ink stays. Method of ID, nothing more.