Zarqawi killed in bombing.

ABC news reporting right now.

Reporting on TV, that is. Can’t find it online yet.

Nobody has it online yet. But ABC is doing it live, and their reporter is saying the military is very confident that he’s dead. He’s been reported dead a few times before, so we’ll see. And ABC now says that it’s “confirmed,” but I’m not taking that to mean a ton at the moment.

If this is true, though, I’m glad I once again unwittingly stayed up this late.

That’s the end of the live report. They say it was a bombing in Baghdad, but they don’t say much else in terms of real detail.

They said they had intelligence he was in the house they hit, along with his spiritual adviser. Although they said “Now back to our regular programming” and played the bumper clip, my ABC affiliate hasn’t switched back to regular programming, they’re still on World News Now.

It wasn’t reported in the 7:00 GMT news on the BBC, so I guess we have to wait for confirmation.

Remember when Saddam was killied in that missile attack?

MSNBC (tv) reporting that “U.S. military officials” confirmed it to Jim Miklaszewski.

The AP just issued a news alert on its Web site, and there’s a banner on

There’s a banner on the BBC saying they expect a statement soon.

Banner on CNN as well.

Main news story on the BBC’s site, nothing on CBC’s page yet.

According to an interview with an ABC anchor in Iraq:

The raid happened at 6 p.m. local time last night, in a town 50 km north of Baghdad. The raid, by American soldiers using helicopters and rockets, was on a house where there were seven people, including two women. It’s unclear how many were killed. Zarqawi was apparently not killed, only injured in the attacks, and American soldiers found him and turned him over to the Iraqis, where he later died.

CNN article

Google News search link

Fuck Yeah.

Good riddance scum.

Assuming it’s true, yay! We got number 3!

Maybe within a decade we’ll get Osama.

We sure got that Saddam motherfuck, his stupid-ass stayed in his own country!

I heard that we have some credible info from the Saudi’s that implicates the internal links to the 9-11 attacks.

The culprit is…dumb-fuck bush. I sure hope his brother who deftly covered up his brother’s impropriety gets a 2008 slot.

If a government makes me kill myself, is it suicide?

You know, if you’d like to start a GD or Pit thread…feel free.

Get used to that.

And what does this achieve?
Within no time at all, there will be another figure-head, or 5.
That is the thing about terror, you can never beat it.
I think they had better just keep track of him and try to prevent him from organising more attacks.
How, I don’t know, but simply blowing him up doesn’t make the world a safer place for very long.

My bad. Sorry.

This guy got killed threads, and my cat is cute threads, always seemed distant to me.

I guess death is welcome in MPSIMS, I just haven’t noticed.