Zarqawi vows to kill Iraqi Prime Minister

Well, Zarqawi, in his unending fight against free elections and an organized society, has deemed that the Iraqi Prime Minister should be on his growing list. What purpose does Zarqawi hope to accomplish by making this threat? I see none since the PM certainly isn’t going to ‘step down’ out of fear for his life because of this threat. In fact, it served as a means for the new Iraqi government to display brave leadership against the Zarqawi threats ------“We do not care about these threats, we will continue to rebuild Iraq and work for freedom, democracy, justice and peace. Iraqis have faced these threats before,” said a spokesman for Allawi. Are Zarqawi’s attempts becoming more desperate? Is this a sign that Zarqawi perceives himself as losing his influence in Iraq?

If you believe the intercepted Zarqawi Letter (linked and quoted from below), the threat against Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi Prime Minister, may be a sign of Zarqawi’s growing desperation rather than his growing influence. As June 30 comes and goes I think we can expect to hear more from people like Zarqawi ---- although he seems a little behind schedule. From that letter –

Link to the “Zarqawi Letter”

Well, what do you think, are the videotaped beheadings and the threats a sign that Zarqawi might be ready to break camp? Or is Zarqawi just being Zarqawi and recent terror activity is par for the Zarqawi course?

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