Zelda Rubenstein in Sixteen Candles: what were the noises when she walked?

During a post-wedding scene in Sixteen Candles, Zelda Rubenstein’s character is walking through the church, and there are noises associated with her movement. Is that supposed to be liquor sloshing around in a flask, or something else (I have no idea what)?

I always assumed it was liquor in a flask.

I believe it’s her shoes squeaking. At least I hope so since for the last 30 years any time I’m wearing a pair of shoes that squeak I joke that I’m wearing my"sixteen Candles Shoes".

This is what I always thought too, because she also mutters “I need a drink” as she walks away from Molly Ringwold.

Not to be gross but I thought she had an adult diaper on and it was making a squishing sound. LOL. That was the first thing I thought way back when.

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Do zombies wear adult diapers?

She wasn’t a zombie. HUH???

NJS36: you resurrected a thread from 2015. This is called a zombie thread or zombie.

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OOPS. I didn’t realize. Sorry. I don’t know the lingo. Forgive me. :upside_down_face:

Even my 25-year-old daughter didn’t know what a zombie thread is.

I’m not sure that it’s a term anywhere else but here. But, when someone resurrects a long-dead discussion here on this board, it’s almost invariably called a zombie.

No, but they dream of them.

I haven’t seen the movie, but was Zelda by any chance a BBW?

In high school, I had an English Lit teacher of very ample proportions. You could hear her coming a mile away from the noise her panty hose made as her thighs rubbed together.

(True story!)

Zelda Rubinstein was a very well known little person.

Never heard of her. But looking at her photos, I can see she too was of ample proportions.

Here it is on YouTube. It sounds like sloshing and a bit of glass tinkle. I would say with certainty that she is supposed to be carrying a liquor bottle in her bag. And her last line is “Boy I need a drink.”

Never saw Poltergeist?

Believe it or not, no. Just the scenes where the family is terrorized.

(I didn’t get around much in the early '80s.)

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