Zen and the Art of Tampon String Management TMI

Just in time for Summer. I was thinking the other day, that I have had to figure out tons of stuff about what to do with tampon strings all by myself.

For instance, I had no guidance about what to do with my string when I pee, or what to do with it if I went swimming or took a shower with a fresh tampon, or what to do if I went to a nudist camp with my period.

There are no good sources of information on this that I have found. So Doper ladies here is a tampon string poll. Boys, stay away.

  1. Do you ever tuck in your string or snip it when you will be naked in front of others?
  2. Do you move your string or pee on it?
  3. How do you manage a wet string?
  4. From whom did you learn to do these things?
  5. Do you have any other string management tips you would care to share?

My answers:

  1. Yes. I usually just tuck it in. Have snipped it once or twice.

  2. Hold it to the side.

  3. I do my best to dry it off, or just take it out early and deal with all that entails.

  4. Myself.

  1. No. Anyone I’m gonna be nekkid in front of won’t care.

  2. Hold it to the side.

  3. Dry it off as best I can.

  4. Had to figure it all out on my own.

  5. Nothing comes to mind…

Snip it, and push the string in.

Or, take the pill continuously as to avoid the nuisance of a period.

  1. I’m not naked in front of others at that time.
  2. I tuck it up before I start
  3. Dry it, or change the tampon
  4. Figured it out myself
  5. Not really…

If women can do this, why doesn’t everyone do it and avoid the hassle of a period?
Yes I’m a guy, and I laugh at your “Boys stay away” sign. Ha ha ha!

Can’t take the pill: side effects.
As to the questions:

  1. No, but then it’s been so long since I’ve been naked in front of anyone else that I don’t know what I’d do now.
  2. Wow…never thought about moving it. I suppose I just pee on it.
  3. Dry it as well as possible or change it.
  4. No one.
  5. ummm…no. String management is not something I’ve ever really thought of before.
  1. I’m only naked in front of my husband and I just don’t worry about it.

  2. Sort of move it to the side before I go.

  3. Dry it if I’m not ready to change it, but as often as not, I just end up changing it.

  4. One day after I started my first period, I asked my mom what nude models did when they were on their period. My mom said they take the week off…LOL. Then she said they might tuck it up or cut the string off. I didn’t ask her about the peeing part…never really gave it a thought until now.

  5. Not really.

  1. I’m generally not naked in front of others at the time.
    2)Move it.
  2. Dry it off as best I can.
  3. Myself.

And ReverseCowgirl, I admire your restraint in not adding a “Hi Opal!” to your list. :smiley:

My mom and I have discussed brands of tampons, but I don’t think we’ve ever discussed string management. And she’s the one who got me my first box! Hmm. A whole new kind of TMI! :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve never been naked in front of people with a tampon, I’d tuck the string up somehow if I were.
  2. I tuck the string up so I don’t have to mess with it until it’s time to remove it. If necessary, I’ll tuck it up and then pee.
  3. Dry it as best as I can.
  4. I figured this out on my own.

These days I don’t use tampons except at night, unless I’m going swimming or something, so the string is a non-issue.

I tried skipping periods but then found that I just can’t take the pill. This is going to be a problem seeing as I am now dating a guy. Oh dear.

Only person I get completely naked for is my husband. He’s seen worse than the string so there’s no need for me to hide it.

As for peeing with a tampon, try to hold it to the side, although that never seems to work. I just dry it with some toilet paper.

I’ve never really thought to do anything with the string before. I just let it go where ever it wants.

Tampons? That is soooooo 20th century.

Hee. :smiley:

Kinda reminds me of that commercial where the woman says “I’ll borrow my mother’s earrings. But my mother’s tampons?!? No way!!!”

Ok, then voguevixen. Are you a http://www.noperiod.com/, * Is Menstruation Obsolete?*, No More Periods kinda gal? Or are you an Instead, Keeper kinda gal? Or are you a free bleeder?

I don’t make it a practice of getting nekkid in front of anyone I don’t know well enough to show stringage.

When I pee, I change the tampon. Period. (Ha! Tampon humor!) I know it’s a waste sometimes, but the thought of that string hanging there with urine all over it gives me the willies.

I’d be afraid to cut off the string for fear I’d have to do some major excavation should I cut it be too short.

I was an art model for many classes over the years. The tucking method never, ever allowed a string to show (unless the students were all too polite to point and laugh).

At least it never showed up in their work.

Can’t take the pill. PCOS, APS, PMS.

Diva Cup, baybee!

This happened at during one of our life classes, the woman was asked not to return. Apparently she didn’t remember to tuck at all.

Because I’d be paranoid that it had failed and I was pregnant. Having a period at least reassures me that all is well.

Strikes me odd that this would be such a big deal at something called a “life class.” The female cycle being essential to the creation of life and all…

I probably shouldn’t be getting vaguely turned on by this.