Zeta-Jones/"Pour Sugar on Me" cell phone commercial

Ok, this has been festering for a while. One of the Catherine Zeta-Jones cell phone commercials features a couple sitting in a car, and the man is singing along to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

The woman questions the man’s interpretation of the lyrics- (“Hot cup ramen?”) The guy says “Yeah, ramen- like soup.”

Then he lunges his upper body out of the car, where CZJ is standing, and she says “Stop.” The cut and paste commercial follws.

Then they call a library and get the correct lyrics.

  1. Where did that woman get those wrong lyrics? The guy as far as I can tell, had everything correct. Which negates the entire premise of the commercial.

  2. Why did the guy lunge out the window? Yeah, if CZJ was standing next to my car, I’d probably lunge, too, but in these commercials, she’s not on the same plane as the other characters.

  3. How could my life possibly have sunk so low that I deemed this worthy of posting?

Actually, I think he sings “Pour some shook-up Ramen…” but he’s sort of screeching it so it’s hard to tell. But I think he had it wrong, whatever he screeched.

The funny thing about these cell phone ads is that, if you remove CZJ from the ad, it would probably actually be better, and funnier. That applies to pretty much all of the ones she’s been in, but especially this one and the bowling one. She’s just an interruption in the gag… though an eye-candy-licious one, I admit.

You’re asking me? I replied to it! :wink:

Slight hijack here, but has anyone seen the print ad for that same company featuring CZJ standing with her knees apart and holding the cell phone near . . . um . . . a strategic location? (For those who haven’t seen it, please calm down – it is not as provocative as you are now imagining.) Are ad agencies so desperate now that they can’t hawk PHONES without associating them with the personal regions of a beautiful actress? Furthermore, does the company think that anyone in the target audience will see that photo and think, “Hey, I gotta get me some o’ that CELL PHONE!”

Sorry. Just a thought. :smiley:

I think that they are exiting or entering a parking garage and he’s taking the ticket or paying the fee. Not positive, though, as it’s been weeks since I last saw it.

Also, anyone know a site online where I can view that commercial?

He sings “Pour some shook-up ramen… when you need a cup”

His companion challenges him" “Shook up ramen?”

He responds: “yeah. soup?” Like she’s the idiot.
Cracks me up.