Zev: Is "Zev" short for a longer name?

I met a guy named “Zev” last weekend - not *our * Zev, of course, but it got me thinking.

Is “Zev” a short form for a longer name (“Zebidiah” or “Zebedee”, maybe?), or is it a stand-alone name?

And of course I just realised that tomorrow is Saturday, so there’s no chance of hearing from Zev until Sunday. :smack:

Zev is a stand-alone name, not a nickname. It’s a fairly common man’s name in Israel.

Incidentally, “Zev” means “wolf” in Hebrew.

Almost - it’s the Yiddish version of the Hebrew “Ze’ev” (two syllables).

it just occurred to me that “our Zev” is also, I think, the only doper whose screen name could also be his real name.

Not by a long shot. I can think of at least two others who use their real names (assuming Zev uses his real name) - or shortened versions thereof. I’ll let them speak for themselves, if they wish, because a) it’s not my place, and b) I may be wrong about one of them. >_> And, of course, the two I’m thinking of are almost definitely not the only ones.


Is Zev etymologically related to Zvi/Tzvi?

Only in the sense that they’re both animals. Zvi means Deer.

Nope. I remember a thread discussing the reasons why people wanted to stay anonymous on internet boards, and several posters mentionned that their nicknames was actually their real names.

I think a new internet “law” is warranted, stating that any question adressed to practising Jews is to be posted during the sabbath…

Yeah, that forces us half-assed Jews to carry the load.

Man, this thing is heavy!

Thank you. I had just sort of assumed they were geographical variants of the same name.

Wanna bet?

You’re too modest. You have an entire ass.

Zev is a corrupted version of Ze-AYV, meaning (as others have pointed out), wolf.

Tzvi is a different name, meaning “deer.” (which, incidentally, is my father’s name).

Zev Steinhardt

I thought it was short for “Zevulon”.

I kid! I kid!