The Doper Zoo

The GQ thread about Hyrax Relatives brought this to mind, but have you noticed the number of posters whose screen names are animal species or larger taxons?

[ul][li]Desmostylus – an extinct genus related to elephants, hyraxes, and sea cows, best described as an amphibious walrus-wannabe[/li][li]Manatee[/li][li]Giraffe[/li][li]Thylacine – AKA “Tasmanian wolf”[/li][li]Ivorybill (whom I haven’t seen around lately) [/li][/ul]

Ingenious Dopers will certainly have other names to add to these paltry four items – have at it! :slight_smile:

Well there’s me.

And me.


Zev is Hebrew for “wolf.” And my full Hebrew name is Zev Ari (which is “wolf lion.”)

Can I be in the zoo? Huh? Can I? Can I? Please? Please?

Zev Steinhardt

Well, there’s also you Mr/Ms “Many Large Goldfish Relatives”. :wink:

And, of course, we’re…umm…blessed!..yeah, that’s it!..blessed by the presence of a large population of bears.

Does ‘Dances with Cats’ count? I like that name.

There are several of us with some reference to cats in our screen names:

  1. myself
  2. catlady
  3. crazycat
  4. opalcat (Hi, Opal!)

You think I’m an animal now, get a few shots in me…

<scary lion>Rawr.</scary lion>

Gazelle From Hell

Also don’t forget-

Night Rabbit
Tiny Cow

and um…Chicken of Bristol (only posted about twice, but it counts!)

Dumbo (okay, that one’s not so good…)
Is Cougarfang still around?

lieu: “CrankyLikeAnOldMan”? Is joke, yes?


ooh! I thought of more!

Duck Duck Goose



Barking Spider (ahem)


Silentgoldfish (in the aquarium naturally)

I’m not exactly a single species, but I can be a representative of either Geospiza, Camarhynchus, Certhidea, or Pinaroloxias. I’m rather partial to Camarhynchus (the tree finches), myself.

Whatch out for all the dragons. They gave me nothing but trouble the last time we ran a zoo. :slight_smile:

We also have a rabbit and lno.

<ahem> My species classification would be ursus fabulous!

sits in corner and sulks

Yes, well I do believe that I would qualify, unless you don’t class insects as an animal species…? :smiley:

Whatever happened to Hamadryad?

And you forgot to include yourself, Polycarp.