zits, why did they stop?

Hello Everyone,

As a teenager I, like a lot of my peers, was unfortunate enough to be coverd daily in pimples. In my case they were particularly bad, on my face, back, arms, he’ll just about everywhere. I used to joke that if I ever tripped and fell it would sound like someone stepping on bubble wrap. (Yeah, ewwwww) Well then I grew up and slowly the acne disappeared pretty much being all gone in my mid twenties. Even today in my late 40’s I’ll still get the occasional zit, but they’re a fairly rare occurrence.

So my question is, where did all the zits go? How can one be so afflicted as a kid and be so free of the curse as an adult?

Laymans explanation: the massive influx of hormones along with the thickening of your skin at puberty causes white blood cells to stick together (pus). With nowhere to go an eruption is forced on your skin. As your hormones level out and your body get’s used to what it’s dealing with, the zits fade.

THAT is an extremely simplex explanation and one of the many know it alls on these boards will come along to blow it out of the water. :wink:

I had a few pimples as an adolescent, but nothing that ruined my life. Eventually, given the choice, I would have accepted a few years of zits over the freckles that appeared in my early 20’s. I was a daywalker until about 23.