Ziva, or Abby?

Ginger, or Mary Ann: NCIS version

No contest. Ziva.

Ziva by a long way. Abby is lovely and I’d like her as a friend, but Ziva is sexy as hell. There used to be loads of little hints that she was attracted to women, too.

Yes, please.

Not an option! To vote, you must choose one! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Of course, I agree with you. :wink: )

Ziva’s definitely hotter, and vulnerable too. Abby is cuter, and appeals to my macabre tendencies.

I haven’t voted because it’s hard to choose.

The problem with Ziva is that I’d only get one shot, because she’d kill me. So I have to ask myself, would it be worth it?

Well, there’s only one way to find out…plus, my wife said “Yes”.

So, Ziva


Sorry, my wife’s full quote was “Yes…but only if I can have Gibbs…”

I absolutely hate Ziva and adore Abby (I really only WATCH the show for her and Ducky. And to a slightly lesser extent, McGee).

So, there’s really no question, here.

Abby’s hot but Ziva’s hotter.

Oh, all right. I voted Ziva only because I think it’ll be to hard to do it in Abby’s coffin.

Kate…too bad she got killed.

Abby in every way imaginable - ZivAH is high maintanence.

Abby at home, with Ziva as my partner at work.

Abby. No contest. I always want to kill Ziva. Don’t ask me why.

Abby: hotter, sweeter, no questionable lapses of loyalty, big goofy geek girl.

Ziva has that annoying diction, no feel for the English language, so her sense of humor would not mesh with mine.

OK, I voted for Abby. (Though I still think Ziva is hotter.) I like the geekiness. In a lifelong relationship, I think Ziva would stick by her man out of a sense of duty. Abby would do it out of love.

I’ve never found Ziva attractive. Clearly her personality is incompatible with mine.

Abby all the way. And, in fact, Pauley Perrette all the way, thanks.

Liked Pauley Perrette more as a blonde. Don’t like lots of tattoos(I know some are fake for the show). I like short girls. CdP is listed at 5-7, not short but PP is listed at 5-10. Pauley Perrette is 41. Cote de Pablo is 31.

Ziva wins the tale of the tape.

Man that’s hard. Ziva is hotter, but Abby has the better personality. That would make me lean towards Abby, but it’s also fun trying to find the soft side of the colder woman.

I guess the main thing is that I would be pushing Ziva to be more like Abby, but I could take Abby pretty much at her own terms. I also suspect the character is younger than the actress, which means comparing Parrett when she’s not made up for the role is not fair. Plus there’s the fact that I previously voted for her as the hottest geeky character on TV (although Chloe from Smallville has grown on me.)

So, despite my initial impression, I have to go with Abby.

I love Ziva but I voted Abby because she know American Sign Language and that is the bonus for me.