"NCIS" 4/10 (spoilers)

So … are McGee and Abs going to end up together? :eek:

Og knows they’ve had enough opportunity.

I didn’t see season 1 of NCIS, but I think I had read that they were an item back then?

I found the dialog in the elevator between Tony and Ziva very interesting (the bit about possible secrets they had shared with McGee, since he’s such a good listener). As I said last week, I think that Ziva has the hots for him and just doesn’t want anyone to know.

I didn’t see the first season either, but I don’t think so. It’s clear they’re good friends, and they’ve been putting in a lot of references to that this season.

I believe that Abby and McGee were an item for a time during the first season. When they met, McGee was an FBI agent. Certainly, he was attracted to her immediately, and got a tattoo (IIRC of “Mom” on his butt(no, we didn’t see it)) in an effort to persuade her that he wasn’t as square and prudish as she thought he was.

I don’t remember them breaking up, but suddenly it was the 2nd season, and they no longer appeared to be an item. But, just often enough to keep me from wondering if I’d imagined things, they’d slide in hints of attraction or a former relationship.

And now they seem to be edging around to both admitting that they are attracted to each other, with strong hints of McGee having realized that he really loves her, and Abby being afraid that they are too different to last in the long run–but intensely jealous of any other woman in his life.

My wife and I (NCIS regulars) think there was a hook-up between the two based on innuendo and some of their talks together, esp. last season.

Our big question - who is it that has been covertly photographing Tony and his lady friend? It sure looks to be a woman, going off a brief shot from about three weeks ago. My guess is that Tony’s lady buys it in the season finale and he ends up hooked up w Ziva by the end of next season (assuming its picked up).

In the first season it was understated that McGee & Abby had hooked up somewhere along the line. But it wasn’t really clear how much or how long…

Wasn’t that Ziva & Tony talking about runner-guy-in-the-park and undercover-doctor without really talking about RGITP and UD?

I have no idea. This show makes no sense. And yet, I still love it.

Well, yes it could be taken that way. But I’m getting the definite impression from lots of little tiny hints that Ziva has the hots for Tony and Tony doesn’t realize it and the dialog could also be taken that way. The interplay between the characters on this show is great. All of them have such depth.

It will be – it’s a top 20 show.

McGee has always been NCIS. He was originally stationed at Norfolk and transferred to the Navy Yard during Season 2.

Tim and Abby did have a fling, but I think that’s all it was. They’re good friends, but I don’t think they’ll get back together.

I also don’t want a Ziva/Tony pairing either. Just once I’d like to see a work-place based TV show that doesn’t have everyone dating their coworkers. Besides, aren’t Palmer & Agent Lee enough? :smiley:

Agree on not wanting to see Ziva and Tony. I think she can do so much better than him. :smiley:

Then who do you want to see Ziva get it on with?

I vote for Abby!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for ME!

I just KNEW people were going to have these answers.

Duh! Director Shepard!