What about Cote de Pablo?

The very end of the last episode of NCIS shows Ms. de Pablo, as Ziva David, caputred by some real bad guys in the Middle East…is she leaving the series? :frowning:

Maybe they’ll replace her with an Israeli character played by an actual Israeli.

(Seriously, that always bugged me about the show. You guys probably didn’t notice the difference, but I certainly did. Also: “Ziva”? Really?)

I’m pretty sure that was a cliffhanger to set up a Rescue Ziva, she’s too pretty to die! storyline next season.

Which is okay, as she is too pretty to die.

That is my opinion also, Gibbs and company will be involved somehow in her rescue and this will prompt her to come back to NCIS, it will be interesting to see how the producers handle the Ziva vs Tony storyline.

Kate Todd was too pretty to die, and they killed her in the second season. Also killed have been Jenny Shepard, Michelle Lee, and Paula Cassidy. DiNozzo, McGee, and Gibbs, meanwhile, soldier on.

You forgot Abby, also too pretty to die. And even as a straight male I have to admit that Mark Harmon is also very pretty. The actors playing McGhee, Mallad, and DiNozzo are just guys, though.

Of the women you named, de Pablo is is clearly the prettiest, though kate’s not far behind. I think Jenny Shepherd counts as formerly pretty, currently too made up to count as same.

Anyway, my real point was that showing her bound and clearly the victim of former, current, and future torture, and being interrogated about NCIS, is clearly a setup to an assembling of the SuperFriends on a rescue mission. Also, there’s too much hay to be made of the Ziva-Tony conflict to simply let it die like that. If either of them dies it has to be Tony, because that will create more angst than the reverse.

The important thing, though, is that Abby remain safe. Sacrifice the lot of them to sav her.

Abby isn’t dead (yet), which is why I didn’t include her. Jenny Shepard was formerly pretty, currently dead. Michelle Lee was pretty enough for Jimmy Palmer to boink her at random intervals in the morgue, but Gibbs shot her anyway. The producers clearly have no compunctions about killing off a pretty girl so I wouldn’t count Ziva as being completely safe.

I didn’t say she was too pretty to die from THEIR perspective. I was back in my evil overlord mode for a moment, when I’d have spared her from execution even after she tried to kill me just because. (Of course, I’d still have to punish her, so I’d murder her father or best friend or something.)

Anyway, they’ve already killed the team’s resident hottie, and there’s more drama to be had by having her survive and rejoin the team than by having her mourned.

And I don’t think they dare kill Abby, unless they want to send Gibbs into a very dark place. I can’t think of anything else more likely to send him into full-blown berserk mode, in which he’s going to murder the person directly responsible for the death and all of his family and friends.