After taking one of the personality tests mentioned here, I got to thinking about horoscopes & zodiacs.

In the classic (Roman? Greek?) zodiac, I’m a Scorpio, the scorpion. In the Chinese zodiac, I’m a dragon. (And according to their standard placemat horoscope, I shouldn’t be with my wife, a dog; i.e., she was born in 1970.)

(If I were ever to get a tattoo, it’d be both of these symbols together. :))

So… what’s your sign in both systems? Do they seem to go together? Do they support your personality, or are they way off base?

(Moderator: I know these are questions, but they didn’t seem like the GQ-type.)

I’m a Leo.

Unfortunatly, I can’t remember what My Chinese sign is (Probably the blowfish, or something ).

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

BTW, here a link to a Chinese Calendar to help figure out your Chinese sign.

Note that most or all of January (and sometimes some of February) is grouped with the Gregorian calendar before it.

Well, then, my Chinese sign is the Rooster.

Spare me the cock jokes, please.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m a Taurus and a Dragon. Not even close to the stereotypical Taurus personality, though. I used to think the description of the dragon on Chinese menus was more accurate, but after reading the longer description on the web site, I have to admit it’s not me at all.

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Damn…here I thought it was such a unique idea. :slight_smile:

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Fish & Hossenfeffer(sp?)?



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According to astrologers, of which my best friend is one (not professionally - he’s actually a journalism student) the problem with saying I’m a Leo! or whatever is that that’s only your sun sign, so it by itself doesn’t tell you much. I have to admit that my whole chart (Libra, Scorpio rising, moon in Taurus, etc. etc.) is more detailed and correct about my personality than just the sun sign. But argue with him over it, not me. I’m just reporting.



Taurus/Rooster here.

Both seem to fit.


Capricorn (the goat)/Chinese: horse, according to the link given here. According to the paper place mats at the Chinese restaurants, I’m not a horse (don’t recall what), but it didn’t seem descriptive of me. but then they don’t break them down like the link did - they go only by the year.
The horse description is pretty close. I’ll have to explore that site further.

Ox and Cancer.

If anyone can come up with a good tattoo incorporating an ox and a crab, lemme know…I’m stumped.

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I know already that Cancer fits me very well, but I don’t know anything about Chinese astrology.

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Both my mother and I are Dragons. It explains a lot :slight_smile:


And yeah, both fit DAMN well. So well it’s kind of scary… < grin >

Cancerous pig here.
Both fit reasonably well, especially concerning the other signs I do/don’t get along with. Major deviation from profile is that I am not particularly conservative, as crabs are supposed to be. Yeah, I know it’s a lot more complicated than the sun sign; my exSO was really into this stuff. I am an open-minded skeptic. It appears to me that there may be a little something to it, but I doubt it has anything to do with the stars. Maybe it’s the weather while one develops in the womb or how old you are when you experience your first Christmas or a million other factors. The Chinese system? Who knows? It’s all Greek to me.

Gary - the site given in this thread said I was a horse, and it was more descriptive. Using that site, you woudn’t know what I was unless you knew my birthday (Jan. 18)

Another Leo/Rooster here. I don’t think either sign describes me very well.

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Aries Horse, here. Basically, that makes me a horny horse.