Zombie Apocalypse

There have been an unusual number of zombie threads of late, as well as newcomer threads in which the OP asks for help with their highly-detailed sexual and/or relationship problems.

Is there some pattern to this? As in, we always get more socks after New Year’s or some such thing? And if there is, any thoughts on what accounts for it?

I realize that there are always zombie threads and socks/trolls on the board. But they seem to come and go in waves.

You’re only off by a week; I always get more socks for Xmas.

If there has been an unusual number of zombie threads lately, I haven’t noticed it.

We always get a few zombies from new posters who find old threads on Google and don’t realize they are old.

Random events often appear to “come in waves” by coincidence even when they are unrelated.

If I had a nickel for every time someone posted that, I’d probably have about 2 dollars!

Ah, I didn’t realize that it had been discussed so much before. I know there are differences as to whether or not mods close them.

I’ve been recovering from surgery so it’s probably just that I’m around more these past few weeks.

In GQ, Comments, and sometimes in other forums zombies may be left open if they have been revived to post an update or new factual information. If they are revived pointlessly or to argue with posters who are no longer around they are generally closed.

I meant to say differences over whether mods should close them or not. The current policy makes sense to me.

Note to self: come back in 5 years and re-open this thread.

Who cares? What is this obsession for spotting Zombie threads?

Uh, what? I have no particular objection to zombie threads. I often enjoy reading them. I was interested in whether or not they clustered. It was an inquiry, not a complaint. If you don’t care, just don’t open the thread.

Occasionally we have obsessional newbies who go around bumping all the old threads they can find on a particular subject, or trolls who do it just for lulz. That can result in a bunch of zombies being bumped in a short time, but those posters are warned or banned pretty quickly so it doesn’t go on long.

That’s probably what I’ve noticed. Sometimes I just can’t imagine the google search terms that must have been used.

I noticed this too. I think I’ve taken the bait on 3-4 zombie threads in the past few days alone. Granted I have not been my most alert self lately, but even so. I wish there were some kind of visual cue.

My usual response to reading a zombie thread is wow, I didn’t know he (or she) was BANNED. It’s like a news letter of sorts.


Sometime I think the clustering is related to the school/varsity year, with a bump when kids are back from vacay.

LOL! Me too!

Yeah, that was one explanation that occurred to me as well. It didn’t seem all that likely that “spend more time trolling” was a common new year’s resolution.