Zombie Sharper Image Resurrected?

That junkhouse (The Sharper Image) seems to have been revived! I saw some junky binocular-cameras on sale at Kohls, which bear the Sharper Image name.
Now, my only experience with the late chain’s goods was not good (my wife bought me a massaging fingers seatback-which broke the third time I sued it). My impression that the SI’s goods were cheaply made (lots of thin plastic), and prone to have a short life.
Who owns the brand now? Is it just a name?:confused:

Well, you should know that “massaging fingers” hate litigation! No wonder it broke!

Kohl’s may have bought the stock at a liquidation.

The Sharper Image is quite alive.

Zombie? Quick someone kill it with a handy but expensive gadget!

Still ripping off those with more money than brains.

High Definition Binoculars.

How can binoculars be High Def.???

The company went out of business, and a separate company bought the online rights to run a sharper image online store.

I happen to personally know the person who owns it now. Stuff’s still crap.