ZOMG! j00 hax'd teh Gibson!

I was watching HACKERS earlier today… and wondered how it would turn out if someone tried to remake it given how much more of a(n unintentional) comedy it has become in only 10 years. And Angelina Jolie is nice looking.

What other movies can you think of that are funny just because of their hopeful optimism that never materialized, ridiculous abuses of little known realities, or would have to be radically different if remade to take into account the knowledge level of the audience?

Honestly, I think “Hackers” is way above the average movie-goer in terms of computer knowledge. Cynical? Maybe. But I just helped a friend buy a new computer at Best Buy, and their people don’t know crap. Average people know even less.

You could probably remake it and still have a so-so movie by just changing the specs of the computers involved. (I.e., Nobody drools over a 28.8 modem. Maybe they drool over a terrabyte harddrive.)

And Angelina Jolie is still ‘nice looking’.