1,000, or, Everyone, Party On My Tab!

Once this thread goes through, I will have reached 1,000 posts, in a total time of around 6 months.

I encourage everyone on the SDMB to celebrate, and partake of the feast that’s being set up for you.

(Digital waiters, bartenders, and cooks come in.)

good stuff man. it’s gonna take me a year or so to get that. make mine a fosters… :slight_smile:

I predict I will make 1000 in 2 more years.
A bud heavy for me, please.

oh yeah, congrats!

Thank you very much.

(Passes out the drinks.)

Congratulations. Cheers.

Thank you.

Would you like a drink?

How about a cigar?

Take whatever you want from the buffet.

Look out for number 1.

And, whatever you do, don’t turn on the (non-20’s style) death ray in the corner.

Right on! Bud Light here, please. :slight_smile:


All right, here’s your drink.

Can’t imagine me getting there but I would like some nachos and a Sierra Nevada Please.

I’m saving my 1,000 post for the day when this board has the 1,000,000 post (Thursday, I believe!)

Congrats to you G Q!

Here’s your drink, and there are some nachos on that end of the buffet line.

Shouldn’t, perhaps, people save their ‘number ones’ for the washroom?

Bailey’s please, on the rocks. Congrats!

Congrats on your 1000 posts!

Must…resit…urge…to press…button…

Here’s your Bailey’s. green bladder, and I’ve disconnected that death ray.