$1.99 gasoline

First time it’s hit that around here since I don’t know when. There are discount card deals where it was lower, but I haven’t seen a regular price that starts with a 1 in ages.

What are you guys paying now?

$1.99 here in Idaho.

We paid $3.35 here in Sacramento over the weekend. That was for mid-grade at a Shell station, so I’m certain we could have found cheaper gas somewhere in town, but I think that sub-$2 gasoline is pretty hard to find here in California.

I paid $1.81 at BJ’s yesterday.

Thanks, Obama!

$1.99/gallon here in metro-west Boston.

Thanks, Obama!

Not sure exactly what it is right now, but it’s been under $2 more often than over for the last several months. At some point last year it was in the $1.50s.

St. Louis.

$1.61 yesterday here in Missouri.

I paid $2.19 the other night, but with .20 off per gallon with my shopper’s card it was $1.99!

A few stations are dropping to CI$3.99/imperial gallon. That’s about US$4.15/US gallon.

Welcome to Cayman.

I’m in Houston, and I’ve gotten it for $1.59. Gasbuddy.com actually says that there are places in Houston with it for $1.49.

I filled last night at $1.90 - it’s been below $2 in my part of Maryland for some weeks now. On our way to FL 2 weeks ago, the lowest we saw was $1.65 in South Carolina.

Still waiting for sub $2 gas, so far near me is $2.009, they are really holding out on that $2 level, bastards!

About $2.20 in Western Washington, without discount.

New Orleans - 1.54 less .10 = $1.44 per gallon.

South Texas, 1.55.

Discount stations in Northern Virginia have been around $1.93. Richmond VA has been around $1.69.

2.17.9 at the Union 76 station in Osburn, Idaho on January 4th, 2016.

I don’t think it’s been over $2 in nearly a year in Dallas. According to Gasbuddy, the average around here is 1.79, with a low of 1.59.

Just got back from California where some stations were at $2.35 within a couple miles of other stations at $2.95 :slight_smile:

Here in northern NJ, I drove by the station I usually go to when I was on the way home from the chiropractor this morning, and saw that the price for regular was $1.669. That’s as cheap as I’ve seen it so far. I’d have taken advantage, but my tank was nearly full already.