How are gas prices in your area?

There were a few posts about gas prices in the ‘Russia invades Ukraine’ thread. I thought I’d start a thread to see how gas prices are across the country and world.

Prices at the Lummi gas station were probably the second- or third-lowest in the area. I think they may have been a little cheaper in Lynden, but that’s a 20-mile round trip. Costco’s prices are lower, but I usually need fuel before they open. It’s also a 40-mile or so round trip, so I wouldn’t go there just to refuel. A couple/few weeks ago, the price for Regular at the Lummi station was $3.45/gallon and the Price at Costco was about $3.36/gallon. I forgot to check Lummi’s sign yesterday, my my wife said Regular was $4.05 several days ago. I refuelled at Costco yesterday, even though I had at least ¾ of a tank, and Regular gasoline was $3.94/gallon. Ever other sign I’ve seen, it’s more than $4/gallon. The Shell station off the freeway at our exit was $4.40/gallon. I’ll be glad when I get my Prius back. Driving the Jeep is expensive.

Local Shell was $3.95 last night. $4.29 this morning. Southern Maine.

Between $4.29 and $4.35 as of yesterday afternoon, in suburban Chicago.

$4.19 everywhere I saw yesterday (in western NY). Prices jumped thirty cents in two days last week.

UK here; my nearest place for petrol was charging £1.58/l this afternoon, which, according to some online converter I found is around $7.92/gallon.

I did find it cheaper at a local supermarket on Friday, but even that- £1.49/l - was more than I’ve ever paid before, and it went up 1p while I was shopping… It was about £1.25/l not long ago.

Shell/Pilot was $4.09 this morning.

I paid $4.18 here in Syracuse yesterday.

Best price GasBuddy is reporting in Sacramento, CA, is 4.49 (cash, regular grade).

[typical internet idiot] I don’t drive. Hope this helps. [/typical internet idiot]

Since others have noted their locations, I guess I should as well. NW Washington State, just below the Canadian border. The nearest ‘big city’ (pop. 90,000+) is Bellingham, about 25 miles away.

I paid $2.04 yesterday. Sydney, Australia

That’s AUD per litre =AUD 9.26/imp gallon and AUD 7.72/US gallon

I saw as high as $4.69 today in suburban Chicago.

Today, we drove from Mechanicsville to Oxford, MD and back. Prices ranged from $3.79 - $4.33. In my county, $3.95 - $4.29.

Osburn, Idaho
$3.77.9 for regular at the 76 station.

$3.69 Lexington, KY

Just paid $5.05 in Smith River, CA.

Driving in to work saw $4.07, Driving home saw $4.38. That can’t be legal.

ETA upstate NY.

I was going to fill up The Toy last week as it’s been sitting the winter in the garage with an almost empty tank waiting for the warmer weather. I got tied up with work & never went out. Gas is up 34¢ in less than a week. :frowning:

$3.89 is pretty common in central New Hampshire, with some outliers topping $4.

I got gas on Thursday and, IIRC, it was like $3.60 a gallon. It’s definitely gone up here since the summer.