How are gas prices in your area?

$4.99 on the central coast of California at almost every station. There’s usually a 30 or 40 cent variation but most stations are resisting crossing the $5 line. The Chevron on the corner just said “Fuck it” and went straight to $5.15.

Southern Ontario outside Toronto.

On Thursday, gas (generally the lowest grade) jumped to CAD 1.72/litre (USD 5.12/US gallon) Yesterday when we were out and about, it was $1.84/L ($5.46/gal). There have been plenty of reports of it crossing the $2/L line in some areas.

Three months ago, I could fill my car’s tank for €60. Two days ago, when I filled up, it was €95.

Location: central Western Europe.

I work from home and hardly ever go anywhere any more, so last time I filled my tank was a month or two ago. I have no idea what gas prices are in my area these days. I should probably add some Sta-Bil to my gas tank.

NE Minnesota:

$3.25 (only one station) - $3.89

Getting pretty bad here in Sacramento, CA. $5.23/gal for regular.

$3.99 is SE MN – it may cheaper father from the WI border


$3.75 in suburban New Orleans.

$4.49 for diesel here (DFW area, TX). Just drove back from the Red River today – same prices up there.

Treading uninvited onto this thread:

10 days ago I paid 65p per litre for home heating oil. I bought 1164 litres at a total cost of £794 ($1,041) including tax.

Today the cost stands at £1.20 per litre and rising. The same order today would set me back £1,466 ($1,922) including tax. I’ve saved £672 by being lucky.

Costco is at $4/gal, up maybe 40¢ or 50¢ in the last week. Unfortunately, my kid’s preschool is ~25 miles away from home and work, so on three days a week we drive 100+ miles.

So yesterday I moved the carseat from the Honda Pilot to my Fiat 500.

$2.00 CAD/l, which translates to $5.90 USD /gallon

But I’m still paying 14 cents/kWh.

Sounds like you’re probably in BC. Here in southern Ontario, it’s reported to be around $1.85/L. I filled up just before a series of price jumps over the past few days – I think it was around $1.60/L at the time. It should last a while as I don’t typically drive very far.

I’m about 40 miles west of Chicago. Gas is $4.59 a gallon. Sigh.

$4.259 at the Lummi Res today.

This is about the ratio of the increase for me too, in Saskatchewan. Before Christmas, I could fill the tank on our SUV for C$60.00. Today it would cost C$90.00.

Actual price today was C$1.68 / litre.

Gas prices in Ontario range from $1.74 to $1.94 Canuck bucks per litre (3.78L per gallon). This is as high as I remember. They are projected to go still higher. About twenty-five cents of this was in the last week.

This was just yesterday? Tonight it’s $4.39 towards the sea coast. Given that I was not at all amused after a 10 mile drive tonight to discover Home Depot didn’t have 14 boxes of the floor tile I need 10 boxes of as their online inventory claims, but instead 2 boxes and 12 boxes in the slot of a similar pattern.

EIA’s weekly retail fuel prices are here:

By region and select states/cities.

Yesterday, was crashing because of traffic at the website, I assume. This morning it’s up and running.

At the nearest Costco, two days ago, $4.90 a gallon.

At a much closer “cheapie” gas station, $5.79, yesterday. I’ll drive by today and see the latest price.

Bedroom community twenty-five miles south of San Jose, California.