What are the cheapest gas prices in your area?
I can get regular for $1.43 a gallon here in the Portland/Vancouver area.

I think it is about the same here (20 min south of Olympia, WA)

But why is diesel much less than regular gas? I believe it to be 20 cents less, although that is what I heard from a friend so I am unsure about teh credibility of that.

We are generally in the same region…
Whats it like in places like California? or Montana…

We’re at $1.51 here.

For a while every station around was about $1.80 except for 3 near my house each running in the $1.50s.

The lines near my house were huge.

Boy, you Americans still have it good. Here in the Netherands, we currently pay 1.149 Euros for a liter of gasoline.

1.149 Euros works out to US$ 1.338. One gallon equals 3.7854 Liters, so we come to a total price of: US$ 5.065 !

I never realized we actually pay more than five dollars for a gallon of gasoline 9regular unleaded)!

It’s sometimes gets up to $1 Australian/litre, but unleaded petrol costs about $0.90/litre at the moment – $3.40/gallon.

The dollar is trading at almost 70c US, which makes it $US 2.38/gallon.

Remote country Australia, about $0.98-$1.10 depending on whether it’s tourist season or not. Not sure about prices in the city, I haven’t had to go to one for a while.

And i don’t mean we hunt tourists when I say ‘tourist season’, although that would be good stress relief…

We’re down to $1.67/gallon here. It peaked at $1.85. A recent news report I read ranks Idaho as 10th highest in the nation for gas prices.

.27 US cents a liter in KSA, so a little over a buck a gallon.

$1.59 in Minneapolis. It’s moving into heating oil season, so they’ll probably go even higher soon.

$1.46 is the cheapest in Orange Park. But I haven’t seen diesel under $1.50 - gotta ask the kid - her car uses diesel.

$1.60 NW Burbs of Chicago. And winter is coming - we’re all anxiously waiting for NiCor (natural gas for heating) to really jack up their prices so we can freeze - one winter several years ago, I had gas bills of $350 per month. :frowning:

I paid $1.32/gallon for regular unleaded yesterday. Georgia gas prices are usually among the lowest in the US.

KSA? Kuwait/Saudi Arabia? :confused:

Dallas area: $1.34 to $1.40 …

The Magic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:smiley:

The Magic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:smiley:

$1.57[sup]9[/sup] in Annapolis and the outskirts of DC.

Inside DC it jumps to $1.79[sup]9[/sup].

About A$0.80 - 90 per litre in the cities in Australia.

I’ve done the metric and currency conversion for you, and you’re looking at around USD 2.26 per gallon.

Around 1.55 - 1.58 in southern NH.

Down to $1.73 in San Jose. Usually 20-30 cents more on I-5 down the Central Valley where there isn’t a lot of competition. I saw it as high as $2.43 there earlier this year.

It’s still 15-20 cents more than it was last year.

New Zealand swings fairly wildly between $NZ0.90 and $NZ1.15 per litre. At the moment it’s around $1.06 last I looked. That converts to $2.44 in USdollars per US gallon.

My car uses diesel and that works out at $US1.36 plus road tax.