How much does Gas cost in your town?

As mentioned in an MPSIMS thread here, I’m about to take off across country. My route will take me through Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana, then up north into Alberta, Canada.

I’d like to get a general idea of gas prices in these areas, as well as how much it is all over the country.

Northern Maryland, it seems to run about 1.38 or so per gallon, regular. You?

Gas in Orlando, Florida costs roughly $1.39 - $1.57 a gallon for regular unleaded

If you whip across the top of the Beltway as you start your trip, it’s about $1.55 or so.

I may have to look better. I haven’t seen anything at $1.38.

Have a safe trip!

Best in my neck of the woods is $1.41, but you won’t be coming this far south…

:eek: At most gas stations in my area, (New Britain, CT) A tank of 87 costs me, are you ready for this? $1.80. It fluctuates so much that I don’t pay attention anymore, but thats what it was this morning.

South Jersey - Gloucester County

1.32 - 1.38 and they pump it.

$1.59ish. If you see it cheaper on your way here, buy it.

Sacramento Ca, if you look hard you can find it for around $1.80

I just got back from Maui where it was about $2.25.

Tell me you mean $1.80 per gallon and not per tank.

At the moment gas in Madison is running $1.51.9 a gallon.

Oops, I ment to say a gallon, thanks otto.

In NEPA, It’s at $1.69 a gallon.

In Idaho, at least where I live, it’s currently $1.59[sup]9[/sup] at the corner station. It was down to $1.49[sup]9[/sup] and I was hoping the downward trend would continue, but alas, it has been going back up again. :frowning:

We’re at 71.9 here in GP, Ginger, but we get 3.5-5 cents off at the pump, so it is really 66.9 or 68.4 depending where you go.

Calgary and Edmonton are mid/low 60s AFAIK. I think Claresholm and Nanton are still about the cheapest in the Province, as per usual.

The cheap place (a 76 station) near where I work in Orange County was $1.66 yesterday for regular gas. Here in my neighbourhood in L.A. regular is about $1.80.

Bay Area - $1.79 at the very cheapest place, $1.85 at the normal
cheap place, more at the national brand stations. This is regular.
My town has about the cheapest gas in the Bay Area also.

I was in Texas last week, and it was in the $1.30s. Made me sick.

Detroit, Michigan. It was at about $1.65 for a while, but recently droped to $1.56 or so.

Same with Johnny L.A. – tanked up outside of Anaheim yesterday, cheapest was $1.69 a gallon.

Voyager, where are you finding gas in the BA for $1.79? Do tell, I’ll travel. In Redwood City & surrounding it’s going for about $2.16, and East Bay is $2.07.

The lowest in my town (that I’ve seen) is $1.279 as of this morning.

Midtown Houston - $1.36[sup]9[/sup], $1.46[sup]9[/sup] and $1.56[sup]9[/sup].