10-06-2016: Jeopardy Round 1: Contestant Heckled??

Did anybody hear what happened in the first round of Jeopardy when Sarah started yelling into the crowd “No it isn’t?”

She said, “No I didn’t.” The audience was applauding her, which usually happens when someone has run a category. She was saying that she didn’t run the category–one of the other contestants answered one clue.

Ahh, thanks.

No problem. I happened to see your question before I watched the episode on my DVR, so I was watching for it.

[Sean Connery] "What is ‘Come only once’! At least that is what your mother said last night, Trabek![/Sean Connery]

I watched it yesterday just because of this thread. If this woman isn’t already here with us on the SDMB, she should be. She would be joining a pretty prestigious club.