Jeopardy History being made tonight 3/16/07 - Part II (Spoilers)

why the hell would the guy in the lead not wage enough to win by a buck?

Considering that there was already a thread started on this earlier this morning that is still on the front page of this forum, and the show has not yet aired in many places, I’m rather annoyed you posted the outcome right in the thread title.


Thanks a bunch, I Tivoed it and it hasn’t aired yet on the west Coast :mad:

You’ve been around long enough to know this was not only a violation of the rules of this forum, but a really shitty thing to do. Jerk!

And where the hell are the moderators, seeing as how this was reported hours ago?

A few things:

1.) The thread title has been changed to remove the spoiler;
2.) This thread is closed since there’s already another one going;
3.) Sorry, Shayna, but you’ve been here long enough to know that Mods have lives and jobs outside the SDMB–we’re never going to be around 100% of the time, nor have we ever implied that would be the case;
4.) And, finally, but still speaking of being here long enough to know better, Shayna, calling someone a “jerk” outside the Pit is against the rules. Don’t do it again.

Okay, I guess #4 wasn’t a “finally,” 'cause I guess I better comment on another part of Shayna’s post. Which is, as explained in this post, we don’t have any hard-and-fast rules about spoilers. We prefer that posters err on the side of caution and use them, but we also understand when posters just might accidentally err, period, and forget to use a spoiler. I’m assuming, at this point, that this thread is an example of the latter.