Anybody see that kid drop an f-bomb on Teen Jeopardy today?

Video link

You’ll need to turn up your speakers; the kid misses the question and whispers, “aw, fuck” softly, but not so softly that his clip-on mike doesn’t catch it. The exchange:

Kid: Who is Kidman?
Alex: No.
Kid: Aw, fuck.
Alex: Heidi.
Heidi: Who is Natalie Portman?

The f-bomb is almost covered up by Heidi’s answer, but it’s there. And you can hear it more clearly on the original broadcast, which we backed up and listened to several times to make sure.

I’m surprised no one at CBS caught it.

link dead?

Hmm. If that video link doesn’t work, try this Quicktime file instead. (10 sec., ~1 MB.)

Aw, fuck!



I think I have learned two things. The term ‘f-bomb’.
Is there really a ‘teen jeopardy’ ?

blinkingblinking, Teen Jeopardy! is a two-week tournament they do every year; much like the annual college tournament and the Tournament of Champions, they pre-record the shows and then replay them for a few weeks. I assume it’s to let the staff take a vacation.

I have a hard time believing he actually said that. I just heard the f, nothing else. It’s not like they don’t edit the show - Alex Trebek blows answers all the time, and at the end of the show they re-record them.

Totally heard it. How could he have guessed Kidman???

Awesome though.

They had a very short-lived version of the show here about 10 years ago. I have never actually seen a whole episode. Just heard about it.

Another vote for yep. I hear it clearly. It sounds more like “fock”, but I think that’s a yankee thing.

They re-record Alex – they don’t re-record anything the players say.

[Sean Connery]

Your mother was clearly heard last night, Trebek.

[/Sean Connery]

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For me it was crucial to turn up my headphone volume. At normal volume, I just heard the F sound, but at higher volume, f-bomb loud and clear. The funny thing, my wife and I were watching the show and didn’t notice it then.

Hope you don’t mind a slight hijack, as this doesn’t really deserve it’s own thread.

I can’t view the video here at work, but wasn’t this the kid in the middle, who was leading going into Final Jeopardy? It appeared to me that he thought he had won the match after getting the final question correct, but realized when he saw his final dollar amount that he calculated incorrectly, and hadn’t bet enough. I wonder what he was muttering under his breath at that moment!

Jeopardy! is a syndicated program produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. However, it is syndicated by King World Productions, which is a division of CBS.

Not necessarily. The day I taped, they decided to accept an answer, and they re-recorded the who segment, changed the numbers, and somehow inserted it seamlessly into the show. If the kid really said it, and they noticed it, they definitely had the technology to zap that track. Perhaps he really did say it and they did zap most of it.

Yup. I definitely heard “Fuck.” Heheheh.

No, it was the kid on the viewer’s right end, who looked like the kid from “Freaks and Geeks.”

But you’re right, I think the middle kid did screw up his bet accidentally. I wondered if they let the contestants use calculators while placing their bets; anyone know?