10 millionth post approaches

Even though it’s far from an accurate representation of actual post numbering, what with deletions and merging and winters of missed content etc, you may be interested to know that the post numbers are approaching 10,000,000. This post, for example, is number 9997490.

I’m guessing at ~1000 posts a day, it may arrive by Tuesday.

Pah, that’s nothing. Just today I’ve been the ONE MILLIONTH VISITOR of at least three different websites, and qualified for a free gift! What are the odds of that? :slight_smile:

Seriously, though - 10 million posts, and a good proportion of those no doubt written by people who were at work. How many lost man-hours is that?

Meh, it’ll probably suck.


It happened sooner than I thought, and it belongs to me!

Man, Cervaise, which horse do you like in the Virginia Derby this Saturday?

:wink: Since you wanted it, I’m glad you were able to nab it, GuanoLad.

Reminds me of an Onion story about a three-hour Internet failure causing “work startages” all over the East Coast.

This Internet thing is just a fad.

How did you do that?

You’ve got to wonder, don’t you? I mean, at any given time, there are plenty of people posting here… :eek:

I saw that it was rapidly approaching, so I prepared my post, waited until someone posted number #9999999 (refresh, refresh, refresh, bing!) and then clicked “Post Reply”.

I wonder why there’s such a discrepancy with the information shown under the Statistics section on the front page? It’s currently showing total posts of 8,557,267.

Glad to help you. :smiley:

I am glad I click on this thread, that was kind of funny to see my post when I clicked the link.

Many posts have been deleted to make room in the database and it might have a chunk missing from the “winter of missed content” (Is that what it is called?)

The total of 8,557,267 is probably showing the records in the main database currently whereas the post number is a simple incrementing counter.


Luckily it wasn’t such a scintillating post that it distracted me from my mission!

Which means it can never be taken away from me! Unless the database crashes, or it gets deleted, or something equally nefarious.

Did balloons fall from the ceiling when you hit submit? If not I’d be pissed if I were you.

That’s pretty much what I suspected, but I was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt - it could have been a great coincidence :).

Alternatively, I thought you may have written a program that monitored the post count, and then automatically posted that response when it hit 9999999. Because that would have been less “sad” :).

It is yours forever, but couldn’t you have written something more elegant than

As you tell it, you had the post written already. When we get to the 20,000,000 I expect you to be better prepared.


When I said it happened sooner than I thought, I mean literally. I had about 30 seconds available between noticing the rapid approach and the opportunity to nab it. No joke, during that time there was a new post every fifteen seconds! Almost 3000 posts were made in that one 24 hour period!

I say they make you an honorary 99’er.


:: basks in the glow of GuanoLad’s Dopish magnificence ::