10 questions on gutting for bri1600bv

  1. bri1600bv, how many people have you threatened to gut, and how many have you gutted?

  2. Of the people whom you gutted, how many survived?

  3. How did you go about gutting them?

  4. Did you use the same equipment and technique each time, or did you change things around a bit for variety?

  5. For you, is gutting people a form of creative expression?

  6. Once you have gutted a person, do you do anything else with the guts to further your enjoyment?

  7. Do you gut little children and pregnant women, or do you limit your choices in whom you gut?

  8. Do you encourage others to take up your pastime of gutting people?

  9. Have you sought professional help to assist you in gutting people?

  10. Alternately, have you sought professional help due to your propensity for gutting people?

Oh wait, let’s add a bonus question.

  1. Could it be that you don’t actually go about gutting people, and instead you are just a gutless, unbalanced internet bully?

Link: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=11758150&postcount=71

Hey, stop being so guthurt!

Is that a threat? :wink:

I thought the term was gutmunch.

No, that’s German for “I’d good you if I met you in public.”

No one who speaks German could be evil.

I’m a little disappointed that none of you saw fit to come and visit me in the hospital… or to start a sticky thread. I’ve always wanted to be stickied.

In that case, I have some erotic videos from Japan you may be interested in.

Gut ausnehmen, RNTB.

Guthurt is Latino for wife fight.

I’m pretty sure you were sticky after the gutting.

Don’t get me started at work. I am too goofy.

Now. The way I get to the dope at work is by workaround link that someone sent me so that I can bypass the blocks. (I’m sure the blocks aren’t there to protect me from the dope anyways).

So, when someone posts a link, I can’t click it…it is blocked. Can someone tell me the name of the thread, and the forum?

BBQ Pit, “I pit General Casey’s political correctness”, post #71 by Really Not All That Bright.

Post #71 of the “I pit General Casey’s political correctness” thread in The BBQ Pit:

Thank you. That is funny as hell.

Used stickies reused as medical dressings, or used medical dressings reused as stickies, either way there is a profit to be found in good environmental re-use practices.

Sorry I didn’t visit. But here, I’ll play you a song on my violin…it’s strung with cat gut, doncha know.

As long as you don’t bust a gut laughing.

All jokes aside bri1600bv acted like a true ass.
What a tool.

Catgut your tongue?

Gut Gott.